3 Fun Tricks You Can Do with the Cheapest Digital Camcorder

The cheapest digital camcorder may not have the power and options of a more expensive one, but it can still accomplish a whole lot. The trick to maximizing the cheap camcorders is playing around with the basic options--things that camcorders are naturally capable of. Here are three fun tricks you can perform with a cheap digital camcorder:

1. Alternate Black and White and Color

Maximize the effects of your camera by shooting in black and white and in color alternately. This gives a different effect to your videos or movies, making the audience think and wonder why this was done. It makes your videos more intriguing and a bit different.

2. Interviews

Shoot a lot of interviews and use them for a film or documentary. When shooting interviews, you usually don’t need the best video quality out there. A video that’s a little rough around the edges actually gives it a little more appeal, which provides that raw footage feel.

3. Utilize a Microphone

If video quality is a little below par and even the effects are limited, utilize the use of an external mic and play around with the audio. Record audio from both near and far away from the mic to put some variety into the audio of your video.