3 Fun Tips for Using a Still Camera with HD Video

The Camera with HD Video used to be thought of as novelty. However, using stills and videos combined in one fun clip is perfect for these cameras. Here are other fun ways to get the most out of your Still Camera with HD Video:

1. Special Interviews

Think of anyone talented or well-known on campus or in the neighborhood and conduct a short interview of them. Then take pictures. When you edit, insert the pictures at the bottom of the video while it’s running. Make sure the transitions you make are attention-grabbing and smooth.

2. Short Shorts

Take multiple image shots of unique campus and neighborhood scenes with the multiple blast shots that come with most of these kinds of cameras. If it doesn’t have that, take the video and capture images from it. Create short funny stories with them by adding conversation balloons with text. Come up with your own fun script.

3. Nostalgia Moments

Get everybody to dress up per decade (50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 2000) and get everybody to lip-synch a song you may have composed or a revived hit. Connect all of them together, editing them in funny and creative synchronization. This is perfect for a teen band or a young adult performer’s group.