3 Fun Shooting Tips for a DXG Digital Camcorder

A DXG digital camcorder doesn’t have to be packed away once vacation is over and all the relatives have gone home. There are many other fun ways to use your camcorder considering its compact and easy to carry. Here are some tips for really fun shoots:

1. Use the 3D Function

Imagine 3D in a compact camcorder. DXG has long been a renowned name in manufacturing compact digital video recorders, and this is one of the latest offerings. The images come out surreally holographic. Even though you can only see the effects on the camera’s screen, it can still create fun clips that you can show to friends and family firsthand.

2. Create Your Own Music Video

Since there are DXG camcorders that function as an all-in-one device, such as the DXG 506V, you can use your favorite mp3 music and shoot scenes to make your own version of a music video. Ask friends to join in the fun of dressing up, acting and lip-synching for the song clip.

3. Create a Fashion Show

Ask a few friends to model their favorite dresses while changing the white balance settings. You can edit them later so that your fashion show takes on a disco or retro feel. Add a few effects during editing as well.