3 Features to Consider When Buying Video Cameras

Video cameras are great tools to record videos of special events and make special keepsakes of birthdays, anniversaries or other happy occasions. Here are some features to consider if you plan to buy a video camera.

1. Manual Focus and Manual Iris

Sometimes it is better to get a manual instead of an automatic focus because the auto focus on some cameras doesn't work very well. It’s best to be able to focus it yourself. A manual iris is also a good thing to have. It is used to adjust the aperture and increase the light exposure to the camera. If you have a manual one, you have more control over that function.

2. Manual White Balance

You should also try to get manual white balance. If you don’t have proper white balance, your background color can look odd. For instance, some indoor lighting will make your background look orange or yellow if you don’t have the proper adjustments made on your camera for the white balance.

3. Headphone Jack and Other Inputs

Be sure to check to see if the camera you want to buy has a headphone jack. This makes it possible for you to listen to the sound quality while you are recording videos. Without this, you may not even know if the sound is actually recording so it is very important. Speaking of sound, make sure your camera lets you adjust the volume while you are recording, as well. You also want it to have input jacks for things like an external microphone for your video camera.