3 Features & Benefits of the 2010 Top Rated DVD Video Camera

A DVD video camera is a good choice for someone who wants to be able to take a video and then just pop the DVD inside his computer for editing. Here are some features of some of the top rated DVD video cameras for 2010.

1. Image Stabilization

It’s great to be able to use your DVD video camera and then edit the video afterwards in your computer, but if you have shaky footage, then it is pretty much worthless. So, most of the top rated cameras all have some sort of image stabilization or they may call it something similar. This is vital to have so all of your footage is stable even if your hand shakes when you film it.

2. Optical Zoom Features

One of the top rated Sony DVD video cameras features a 60x optical zoom, which lets you get up close and personal with your subject without getting in his face. This is a great benefit to look for and most of the other top rated DVD video cameras will have some sort of version of this zoom feature.

3. Widescreen Recording Capabilities

Another feature to look for in a highly rated DVD video camera is the ability to shoot in widescreen format. Widescreen format will let you put together a video that has more of a movie feel and makes it so you don’t miss anything important in the shots you take with your DVD video camera.