3 Creative Ideas for Shooting with Mini Camcorders

Nowadays it seems like electronic gadgets get smaller and smaller, and mini camcorders are no exception. There are many things that you can do with one that you can't do as easily with a larger video camera. Here are some creative ideas for shooting with a mini camcorder.

1. Surprise Recordings

A mini camcorder is so small you can carry it around in your pocket. This makes it possible to be ready at all times to shoot that spur of the moment event, such as a baby’s antics or your dog doing a trick. It can also shoot unpleasant events such as the results of a car accident so you can document it for the insurance company. Whatever it is, a mini camcorder is lightweight and easy to always have on hand ready to shoot a surprise recording.

2. Insurance Claims

Anyone who has ever had to file an insurance claim after a flood, fire or other issue knows that is can be hard to prove you owned certain things or what condition they were in. If you use a mini camcorder to walk around the house, it is easy to pre-record every room and valuable item before any disaster hits. The camera is small and it makes it easy to carry from room to room to do this without getting worn out from carrying something heavier.

3. Short Videos to Share

If you like online video websites like YouTube, you will love a mini camcorder. Some of these even have an option to directly load the videos you make to YouTube or a similar website to share.