3 Advantages of a JVC DVD Camcorder Over others

If you are looking to buy a DVD camcorder, the JVC DVD camcorder has several advantages over some of the other models of video camcorders. Here is a list of some of the advantages.

1. Recording Goes Straight from Camera to Computer

Since your JVC DVD camcorder records the video you shot directly to a DVD, all you have to do when you are through shooting and want to edit your video is take the DVD out of the camcorder and put it in your computer. This is a simple and easy process with no wires to have to hook up or anything special to do (except have the editing software installed on the computer).

2. Easy to Store and Use

Since the DVDs that these cameras use are very small, they don’t take up much room if you want to start a library of all the videos you have taken. Since they are DVD-RW, you can use them over and over again.

3. Edit Individual Sections

A JVC DVD Camcorder lets you access specific parts of a video to edit it instead of having to play the whole thing so you can fix the part you want. This saves time for editing that you can use for other things, like shooting more video.