2 Reasons Why You Should Still Shoot with a Film Camera

A film camera has practically become a thing of the past during the last decade thanks to the rise of digital photography. But that doesn't mean that the art of shooting on film should be forgotten. There are plenty of reasons of why you should still shoot with it. Here are two of them.

1. Film Involves More Skill

While you might think you're a really great photographer with your digital camera you haven't really honed your skills until you shot with film. A digital camera has a view finder where you can see exactly what you're going to shoot. But with film, you need to measure the light levels and then set your exposure accordingly. 

2. There are Effects with Film You Can't Do Digitally

There are a ton of photographic effects you can do with digital images, and then there are a few that you can only do with film, like cross processing. Every type of film stock has it's own specific chemical solution it needs for it to be processed. But when you deliberately use different solutions you end up getting some pretty cool color effects that you can't naturally replicate in Adobe Photoshop. 

Anyone can shoot with a digital camera, but you're not really a true photographer until you've worked with film.