2 Popular Products for a Simple Video Camera Capture

There are many products on the market today that facilitate fast and proper video camera capture. It’s a necessity these days to actually own software and hardware to transfer videos from the camera to your computer for them to be edited and enhanced. Here are some of the simplest and most basic products that you will need for video camera capture.

1. Software

These software programs need to be installed and run from your computer and would normally need other hardware devices to run properly. Some of these programs include VirtualVCR, Virtualdub and Capture Flux for Windows.

You can get these software programs online as freeware. There are some higher grade video capture programs that would require a fee which you can pay online and then download. They are also available with bonus installation CDs from selected video recorder brands or can be purchased at your local CD or gadget store.

2. Hardware

The most common equipment you will need is a video capture card, which should be installed in your computer and cables. There are several kinds of transfer cables available such as the USB, parallel and standard serial, and your hardware will be the basis of what kind of cables you will need for a proper video capture setup.