2 Creative Ideas for a Pocket Digital Camcorder

If you own a pocket digital camcorder, it can be used for just about anything a larger video recorder can be used for, but it is a lot easier to use due to its smaller size and weight. Here are some creative ideas for what you can do with your pocket digital camcorder:

1. Spur of the Moment Videos

A pocket digital camcorder is very versatile due to its small size, which means it is simple to carry around and always have ready in case something interesting happens that's worthy of shooting. You will be prepared if anyone starts acting silly or if you need to document some event (or maybe even record a class so you can review it later for test purposes).

2. Uploading Videos to the Web

Most of the small pocket digital camcorders have a feature on them that automatically can save the videos you make into a format that can place them on websites like YouTube. For example, if you own a Flip Camera, it will save the videos in that type of format. Then, you just plug in the USB port interface and it logs you onto Facebook to load your videos to share with others.