4 Simple Tips for Publishing with Video Maker

Video Maker is a program that lets you edit and publish your videos effectively so that the output will be worth watching. Editing and publishing your video can be very tedious sometimes, especially...[more]

3 Tips for Editing with Dazzle Digital Video Creator

The minute you upload your video clips onto your computer, you will need digital video creator software to edit your work. The Dazzle Digital Video Creator is one of the best choices for novices and...[more]

4 Types of HD Camcorders

HD camcorders are some of the most in-demand video recorders on the market today. Not only are they easy to carry and operate, they can record high-definition videos and take high-fidelity images as...[more]

3 Things to Know When Buying HD Digital Camcorders

There’s hype about HD digital camcorders since they're not just the newest kind of camcorders but the most advanced technologically. If you are considering getting your own, consider these fact...[more]

3 Fun Shooting Tips for a DXG Digital Camcorder

A DXG digital camcorder doesn’t have to be packed away once vacation is over and all the relatives have gone home. There are many other fun ways to use your camcorder considering its compact an...[more]

2 Popular Products for a Simple Video Camera Capture

There are many products on the market today that facilitate fast and proper video camera capture. It’s a necessity these days to actually own software and hardware to transfer videos from the c...[more]

4 Fun Tricks with the Canon FS200 SD Video Camera

The Canon FS200 SD video camera is a lightweight camcorder that has a lot of powerful features that can satisfy the novice and even the professional. There are a lot of things that can be done with t...[more]

Why It is Important to Buy Canon Camcorders from an Authorized Dealer

When buying Canon camcorders, you might be tempted to buy from Internet auction sites. These auction sites normally have the very lowest prices. However, there are quite a few reasons why you should...[more]

5 Features & Benefits of the 2010 Top Rated High Def Video Camera

Many websites and magazines all have their opinions and polls on what is the best high def video camera of 2010. Since they have different sources of information and different communities, there is n...[more]

4 Fun Uses for Sony's Video Camera Recorders

Sony is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electronic devices so there’s no doubt that their video camera recorders are of excellent quality. These recorders also have a lot of o...[more]

4 Fun Tricks You Can Do with the Cheapest Mini DV Camcorder

Although the cheapest mini DV camcorder may not perform up to par with today’s camcorder standards, there are still a lot of fun things that you can do with this apparatus. Despite its age and...[more]

3 Fun Tricks You Can Do with the Cheapest Digital Camcorder

The cheapest digital camcorder may not have the power and options of a more expensive one, but it can still accomplish a whole lot. The trick to maximizing the cheap camcorders is playing around with...[more]

5 Websites that Offer Free Digital Camcorder Accessories with a Purchase

Free digital camcorder accessories are offered by many websites and companies. These offers can be done by season or as festival offers in different stores. Here are some websites that offer free dig...[more]

3 Helpful Tips for Shooting with a JVC HD Video Camera

JVC is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electronic devices so there’s no doubt that a JVC HD video camera would be of excellent quality. This recorder also has a lot of options...[more]

4 Tips for Deciding Which Video Camera Offers Pro Grade Features

In choosing which video camera to buy, you first have to determine what you intend to do with it. Will you use it to make professional movies or are you just going to use it to take random videos of...[more]

Video Making Software: 3 Features that Make Editing Easier

When choosing the appropriate video making software, there are a lot of things to consider to achieve your goals. There are actually numerous options that you can choose from when making and editing...[more]

4 Fun Tricks with a JVC Digital Camcorder

JVC has been one of the world leaders in digital videos, and there’s no doubt that you can do a lot with the JVC digital camcorder line. With a lot of power in your hands, you will be able to t...[more]

3 Tips for Dramatic Effects with a Pocket Video Camera

A pocket camera is one of the most basic pieces of video equipment anyone can own since it is easy to carry and operate. However, even this little gizmo is capable of dramatic effects in photography...[more]

Make My Own Video: 2 Fast and Easy Software Applications

When it comes to making movies for yourself, you really want to be able to say, "I can make my own video." So, you want a fast and easy software program to guide you through the process. Here are two...[more]

JVC vs Panasonic Professional Camcorders

Both JVC professional camcorders, along with those made by Panasonic, are good solid brands with mostly similar features. Yet, there are strides that each has made or is making that puts it ahead of...[more]

Panasonic MiniDV Digital Camcorder: Advantages for Professionals

There are a number of advantages that the Panasonic miniDV digital camcorder offers to video recording and editing professionals, when compared to the other cameras that use different formats for rec...[more]

3 Fun Tricks for Your Video Camcorder

If you have just gotten a new video camcorder then you might want to find out about some of the exciting tricks that you can use. These tricks can help you to get the most out of your camcorder so th...[more]

3 Popular Types of Camera Stabilizers

Camera stabilizers help you avoid jittery shots which are liable to give your audience migraine attacks and dizzy spells. Use them to avoid wasting shots and editing time. If you want to see a more s...[more]

3 Cheap Film Cameras for Indie Movies

Most people, at one time or another, have had inklings of buying cheap film cameras just so they can shoot their own cinematic masterpiece. This has been the case ever since Indie Film Making has bec...[more]

3 Popular Pink Video Cameras

Pink video cameras are perfect gifts for ladies! Choosing a simple to use model at an affordable price is a smart way to make a loved one enjoy shooting memories in the moment with no worries about t...[more]

3 Fun Tips for Using a Still Camera with HD Video

The Camera with HD Video used to be thought of as novelty. However, using stills and videos combined in one fun clip is perfect for these cameras. Here are other fun ways to get the most out of your...[more]

3 Products to Convert VHS to DVD

It’s such a wonder having the option to convert VHS to DVD format. Imagine all the precious memories you’ve recorded on VHS and is in danger of being forgot...[more]

3 Tips for Using a Helmet Camera

Using a helmet camera is an ongoing craze for travel bloggers who uses motorbikes, hang gliders or mountain bikes. There are even racers, stunt drivers and skateboarders who use helmet cameras to doc...[more]

3 Benefits of a Hitachi Digital Camcorder over Others

The Hitachi digital camcorder comes in several models, but overall it is a great choice over most other similar camcorders of this type. It has many features that are unique to the Hitachi brand. Her...[more]

3 Benefits of Buying a Video Camera with a Hard Drive

If you want to own a video camera, there are several options for storage of your video files, but there are benefits to buying a video camera with a hard drive. Here are some reasons to do so. 1. You...[more]

3 Limitations of a Micro Digital Camcorder

Although a micro digital camcorder is supposed to provide good quality at an approximately low cost, there are obvious limitations of this product. Here are the general disadvantages of a micro digit...[more]

What Features Professionals Want in The Best Camcorders

What one professional videographer considers as the best camcorders may not hold true with another professional videographer. However different their requirements may be, they all consider the same b...[more]

3 Benefits of the Canon Vixia HF

The Canon Vixia HF is a digital camcorder that features some of Canon’s advanced imagining technology. It is lightweight and shoots HD video and 3.3 megapixel still photos. It has several featu...[more]

4 Features to Understand about Your New Digital Video Camera

So, you're ready to purchase your first digital video camera and you need to better understand all of the features. Here is a list of some of the most common features available. 1. Zoom Lens It&rsquo...[more]

3 Features & Benefits of the 2010 Top Rated DVD Video Camera

A DVD video camera is a good choice for someone who wants to be able to take a video and then just pop the DVD inside his computer for editing. Here are some features of some of the top rated DVD vid...[more]

3 Features to Consider When Buying an HD Digital Camcorder

A HD digital camcorder is a great tool to record high quality videos that have a resolution good enough to display on your TV or other device. Here are some features to consider when buying one. 1. O...[more]

3 Fun Ways to Shoot with a Kids Video Camcorder

These days, it’s hard to identify what video recorders can be considered as a kids video camcorder since many can be used by both age groups. Also, kids tend to be more techie than some adults,...[more]

3 Advantages of a JVC DVD Camcorder Over others

If you are looking to buy a DVD camcorder, the JVC DVD camcorder has several advantages over some of the other models of video camcorders. Here is a list of some of the advantages. 1. Recording Goes...[more]

3 Features that Set a JVC Camera Apart from Others

When you buy a JVC camera, you get the knowledge of a company that has been making electronic devices for a long time. Here are some features that set a JVC camera apart from other brands. 1. Advance...[more]

3 Creative Ideas for Shooting with Mini Camcorders

Nowadays it seems like electronic gadgets get smaller and smaller, and mini camcorders are no exception. There are many things that you can do with one that you can't do as easily with a larger video...[more]

2 Creative Ideas for a Pocket Digital Camcorder

If you own a pocket digital camcorder, it can be used for just about anything a larger video recorder can be used for, but it is a lot easier to use due to its smaller size and weight. Here are some...[more]

3 Features to Consider When Buying Video Cameras

Video cameras are great tools to record videos of special events and make special keepsakes of birthdays, anniversaries or other happy occasions. Here are some features to consider if you plan to buy...[more]

3 Popular Accessories for the Everio Digital Camcorder

If you have recently acquired the Everio digital camcorder, you may be eager to see the products that are available to enhance your recording and viewing experiences. Here are some popular accessorie...[more]

3 Popular Accessories for the JVC Mini DV Series Cameras

If you own a JVC mini DV camera, then you probably want to add to your collection with some of the popular accessories available for it. Here is a list of a few of the...[more]

3 Must Have Features When Buying a HD Video Camera

When buying a HD video camera, it is important to keep in mind the features that can serve its purpose well. These gadgets are capable of doing many things, but the core features that make it great m...[more]

4 Popular Editing Software Packages for Video Cameras

As video cameras become more and more of a mainstream gadget nowadays, it is also a good investment to have the accompanying video cameras software to go with them. When you shoot videos, you must al...[more]

4 Popular Software Packages for Video Camera Editing

Video camera editing software is now a must when you own a video camera. This is so you can maximize your videos and turn them into works of art from raw and rough footage. There are lots of video ed...[more]

4 Popular HD Pocket Video Cameras

Pocket video cameras are slowly becoming the norm nowadays because of their handy nature and ease of storage. They are not a hassle to transport compared to DSLRs. The power of HD video can now be in...[more]

2 Reasons Why You Should Still Shoot with a Film Camera

A film camera has practically become a thing of the past during the last decade thanks to the rise of digital photography. But that doesn't mean that the art of shooting on film should be forgotten....[more]

4 Popular Pocket Camcorder Features

The pocket camcorder has become popular over the past few years. It is a smaller version of the larger video recorders, is lightweight and usually square and you use it vertically. It looks somewhat...[more]

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