What Is the Joby Gorillamobile?

The Joby Gorillamobile for the iPhone 3GS has become extremely popular. Many modern smart phones including the iPhone 3GS have excellent cameras. This means that they are now much more than just a novelty. It's actually possible to take some pretty good photos with the built-in cameras on many smart phones.

Joby Gorillamobile Defined

The Gorillamobile is a case and stand which is designed specifically for the iPhone 3Gs. This case clips snugly around the outside of the iPhone's body to hold it firmly. Then it has the familiar gorilla style tripod attached.

Use as a Tripod

The three legs can be stretched out and used as a tripod. This is a very useful way of keeping your camera phone level and steady when taking photos.

Wrapping around Objects

Another major advantage of the Gorillamobile stand is that it can be wrapped around any object. Instead of just using it as a tripod, it is possible to wrap the legs around a branch or lamppost to secure the camera. This is perfect for anyone to take photos even when there isn't a surface to put the camera on. This can also be wrapped around bags and helmets to get some interesting shots.


Another interesting use for the Joby Gorillamobile is to secure the phone so that you can see the screen. This means that you will be able to enjoy the films on your phone without needing to hold it. This is perfect for in cars or on planes.