What is the Joby Gorillamobile for iPhone 4?

The Joby Gorillamobile is a very useful device which can be used with the iPhone 4. This is a type of case and stand which clips around the outside of the phone.

Joby Gorillamobile Defined

The Gorillamobile is made up of a case which snaps snugly around the outside of the iPhone 4. This will securely hold the phone so that there is no danger of it falling out. This also features the very popular Gorillapod legs which allow you to position and hold your phone.

Taking Photos

The Gorillamobile stand is perfect to use to take photos. This can be used to hold the camera steady while you are taking a photo. The gorillamobile can be used as a simple but compact tripod. This has three legs which open up to stand on any surface.

Even if there isn't a flat surface available which is suitable, you will also be able to use it to hold the camera. The Gorillamobile has flexible legs which can be wrapped around almost any object. This means that they can be wrapped around the trees or lampposts available in the area.


Another reason why you might want to consider using Gorillamobile for the iPhone is so that you can enjoy the movies and games on your phone. There's no need to hold the phone as it can be secured onto the back of plane or car seats.