Using the Bamboo Pen with Photos

Bamboo Pen from Wacom is the ideal gadget for pen input. Whether you want to draw, mark your documents or retouch your digital photos, the Bamboo Pen offers an easy way of doing all these tasks. The gadget is compatible with a PC or a Mac and can be connected through the usual USB port.

Working with Photos

Bamboo Pen gives you natural hand input while working with your digital photos. Most of the controls for retouching photos in any photo editing software require brush strokes or very accurate placement of the pointer, which is easily achieved by a naturally held pen.

Bamboo Pen can be used to remove blemishes on the photo, enhance the skin tone in portraits and for many other functions. The gadget is the ideal input while working with software like Adobe Photoshop, Elements or with online editing tools like Picassa, Picnik and PhotoBucket.  


Wacom also offers a free online application called CardBuilder which can be used with Bamboo Pen to create unique cards from your photos. The application lets you choose a photo from your Facebook album and then with the pen you can create all the embellishments like borders, drawings and hand written greetings to turn the photo into a card.