Tips to Finding an Online Camera Store with Deep Discounts

Many people will look at online camera store sites to try and find discounted cameras. However, when looking for Canon cameras, this isn't actually possible. Canon enforces a MAP - Minimum Advertising Policy. This will restrict the minimum price that the Canon camera can be advertised for on the Internet.

Because of this, when searching on the Internet and using price comparison sites, you will not be able to find very low prices. There are a few different ways that you can find these low prices. Here are some of the easiest ways to find a camera store which has discounted prices.

Request a Quote

Some of the online stores will have a button where you can click to request a quote. This is a good indication that there are lower prices available if you ask. This may take a little time to do, but is certainly worth it. Sometimes you might be able to get a steep discount.

Add Camera to Basket

Sometimes simply adding the camera to the basket on the Internet will show you the real price. This will sometimes allow you to get a discounted price, which makes it possible to buy the camera at a discounted price.

Search for Coupons

Also, give some thought to coupon codes. Sometimes it is possible to find a 10% or bigger discount coupon for certain camera stores. These will help you to get a great value buy.