How to Buy an SLR Film Camera: 2 Features to Consider

If you are looking to buy a film camera and experience that traditional way of capturing precious moments, then you should know that it is not all that expensive these days. However, there are a few things that that you will want to keep in mind before you buy a film camera. Today, a SLR film camera costs around $50 since they are considered obsolete and outdated, but some people try to make an argument that an SLR film camera is still better than a DSLR camera. Here are two features to consider when making this purchase:

1. Shutter Speed

When professional photographers talk about good cameras, they always consider the shutter speed of a camera. Through this, you would be able to capture both still and moving pictures with great detail. If you are looking into the different shutter speeds of an SLR film camera, it is advisable that you look for a speed range equivalent to B, 1-1/1000. There are some that are better for capturing moving objects and there are some that are intended for still objects.

If you are looking for an SLR film camera that is intended for fast moving objects, then you should look for one that reaches up to 1.200 in terms of shutter speed. If you are looking for ones that are intended for still objects, then a camera with a shutter speed of 2-1/500 should do just fine.

2. Lens Compatibility

A professional camera requires the use of different kinds of lenses. It is advisable that you look into SLR film cameras that have the compatibility over many different kinds of lenses. Canon, Pentax, Sony and Nikon offer full compatibility of their lenses that range from their SLR film cameras and DSLR cameras. This means that even lenses that are being sold on the market for their DSLR cameras are compatible with their SLR film cameras.