Guide to Buying a Compact Digital Camera

Buying a digital camera requires a good deal of insight and planning. This may seem like a complicated task to a newbie, but it is pretty easy when you stick to a few basic guidelines. The following is a quick guide on planning and buying the prefect digital camera.


The size consideration for a compact digital camera is probably the most important decision that you will need to make. You will obviously prefer a small package, but this also means a shorter battery life and a smaller LCD. Also, you will need to look at your own hands to decide the best size for yourself. Many people with thicker fingers need a slightly bigger camera.


You will often come across this term and truth be told, megapixels of a camera are highly overrated. Anything above seven megapixels should be good for all your needs until of course you plan on printing posters. Also, a good lens and high shutter speed actually go a greater distance in deciding picture quality than the megapixels.


The greater the degree of optical zoom available, the better the camera is. Digital zoom works only for a small range and can mess up the pictures. A minimum of 3x optical zoom is advised, but most cameras come with 8x these days.

Movie Recording

Again depending upon your requirements, there are digital cameras that provide “OK” quality movie recording to HD quality recording. Based on your needs, you are expected to narrow down the search using these criteria. Higher specs can come at much higher prices in this segment.

You should use the criteria and filter the conditions discussed above to select and buy the compact digital camera for your needs.