Cheap Digital Cameras: Must Have Features when Buying

There are many cheap digital cameras available on the market today; the following example will consider models under a couple hundred dollars. There are certain features which are must haves even when you buy a cheap camera.


Anything below 3.5 megapixels is not worth considering, as the picture quality will not be that good. If you are only thinking about posting shots on to the web or emailing them to friends, then a 3 megapixels will do. Sometimes even with good resolution, there are cameras which produce horrible images. One such camera is surprisingly the Nikon S220, which will give you grainy and blurry images.

Image Stabilization

Image stabilization is a must have feature unless you think you have very steady hands and are never going to shoot while moving. This feature provides excellent sharpness and clarity to your images.

Flash and LCD Screen

Make sure your cheap digital camera has a good flash as you will need it always in poor light conditions. The LCD screen should be have a width of at least 2 inches and should be sturdy. In this aspect, the Fuji J20 should be avoided as the quality of LCD screen is not top quality and many have also reportedly fallen apart.


If your cheap digital camera does not provide much memory, make sure it has a slot for a memory card by which you can extend the memory.