Buying a Canon Powershot Digital Camera on a Budget

Many people consider purchasing a Canon powershot digital camera because it is a well known and reliable brand of camera. These cameras might be small, but they pack a wide range of features into their tiny package. Canon is a well known camera manufacturer and is well respected.

There are lots of different Powershot models available. Each of these will have a different set of features and will suit different people. When looking for a camera on a budget, you will need to choose the right features. The good thing about these cameras is that even choosing budget options will still mean that you end up with a high quality and reliable piece of equipment.

Canon Powershot SX200

One of the most popular budget Canon Powershot cameras is the SX200. This has many advanced features, including image stabilizer and 12x optical zoom. The camera has a large 3 inch LCD screen, which makes reviewing the photos that you have taken very easy.

The camera has a 12.1 megapixel sensor and high quality auto focus. This camera also has face detection features, which makes taking portraits very easy. There is also blink detection which means that you can be sure the subjects eyes will be open and not blinking. An intelligent auto selection mode makes it possible to take photos of many different things without adjusting the dial on top of the camera. The camera can use motion, face and scene detection technology. Noise reduction can also be used to take perfect photographs.

If you decide to purchase the SX200 camera, then you can also use it as a high definition video camera. The camera can easily be connected to a HD TV using a HDMI cable. Expect to pay around $230-$260 for this camera, which means that it has great value for money. There are also refurbished cameras available which are around $200.

PowerShot A495

The Canon PowerShot A495 is the entry level model in the range. This features a 10 Megapixel sensor, which is adequate for printing high quality A4 or larger size images. This camera makes pointing and shooting very easy. The camera has a 3.3 x zoom lens, which makes it easy to get up close and personal with your subjects without moving. There is a 2.5 inch screen on the back of the camera, which means that images can be reviewed when they have been taken.

The A495 also has many of the normal features that you would expect including red eye reduction. There is also a basic video recording mode, although this does not support high definition videos. The A495 is one of the best value powershot cameras. It's possible to buy these for under $100.

Powershot A460

This is another basic Powershot model, which is perfect for anyone who just wants a camera to take everywhere with him. This camera is compact and portable. The A460 is available in several different colors including red, blue and silver. This makes it perfect for the fashion conscious photographer.

The A460 only has a 5 megapixel sensor, but this still makes it possible to print A4 sized prints in high quality. The camera is powered using AA batteries, which means that the batteries can be changed without needing to use a charger. The A460 is available for around $90, although certain colors are harder to find and might be more expensive.

Canon Powershot digital cameras are high quality and affordable. Choosing the right model of camera makes it simple to get the best value for your money.