A Simple Guide on How to Buy a Compact Digital Camera

How to buy digital camera can often become a major issue for people who are out shopping for one for the first time. Here are a few points which will serve as a guide while trying to make the best choice on a compact digital camera.

Size and Features

Since the endeavor is to find a digital camera of a compact size, you need to first decide what features you are willing to compromise for the small size of the camera. As the size becomes more compact, features also start to reduce. Keeping this in mind, choose the size you are going to be happy with.


The resolution is judged by the number of pixels that form the photo; the higher the amount of pixels, the better will be the clarity and resolution of your shots. The quality of resolution is measured in megapixels and now, even compact cameras are available with more than 10 megapixels resolution.

Optical Zoom

Even in many compact cameras, the zoom feature is available which help you get your subject closer. Do not go for the digital zoom feature, as it will only stretch the image. Optical zoom is the better option and a compact camera which has a 10x optical zoom is quite a respectable model.

Point and Shoot

If you are looking for a compact camera, you are obviously looking for features which will let you take quick photos so that you are able to capture those precious moment. So, go for cameras that let you do the settings at the click of a single button or those which do everything automatically. Also, make sure that the camera has an image stabilization system by which you can take clear shots even if your hand moves a little.


Go for cameras that operate with standard AA size batteries rather than ones that have a proprietary pack of batteries.