7 Online Stores to Buy a Canon Camera

There are some excellent Canon camera stores online. The ones listed below are highly rated and tend to have the best prices available from a trustworthy seller. 

1. Adorama

This site carries a very large variety of Canon cameras, lenses and accessories available at reasonable prices. This site is also a great place to find used Canon cameras and equipment without worries. Adorama has warranties that can be purchased on most used equipment.

2. B&H Photo

This site is another one that offers an extremely large variety of Canon cameras and equipment for competitive prices. They also have a very reputable used equipment area with a return policy and option for warranties. 

3. Calumet

Known for their reliability, Calumet Photographic also has reasonable prices and a wide range of Canon equipment.

4. Best Buy

The prices at Best Buy are usually comparable to other online stores, and some items can be picked up in store, which alleviates shipping costs. They typically carry most of the current Canon cameras on the market, but they do not have an extensive inventory of lenses and other equipment. 

5. Ritz Camera

They have a decent variety of Canon cameras and equipment along with competitive pricing.

6. Buy.com

Here you can find great deals on most Canon cameras, lenses and accessories. Plus, many items have free shipping.

7. Tiger Direct

This site offers some great deals on Canon point and shoots along with some of the DSLR lines, but they only carry a small quantity of lenses.