4 Great Digital Photography Books for Christmas

Digital photography books are some of the best gifts to give a photography lover at Christmas. These books are very useful because they will teach photographers many new and useful skills. They will also demonstrate new techniques and teach people about the equipment that they might want to consider purchasing. Here are four great photography books:

1. "Understanding Exposure"

"Understanding Exposure" is a very useful way to learn more about exposure. This will help to teach you the importance of correctly setting exposure so that the photo is not under or overexposed. This will also teach you about vantage points and zooms.

2. "Photography 9th Edition"

This is a very old book which has been updated on a regular basis ever since the 1970s. This is an essential book for any photographer as it teaches you everything you need to know. It is quite an expensive book, but worth it for anyone serious about photography.

3. "The Photographers Eye"

This book shows how to turn your photos into beautiful pieces of art work. Photos can be turned into amazing pieces of art work with a bit of practice, and the book focuses on finding things to photograph and teaches new techniques.

4. "The Adobe Photoshop CS4 Book for Digital Photographers"

This book is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to edit their digital photos using Photoshop. This book will teach many of the shortcuts and secrets which can be used to edit your photos.