3 Tips for Buying the Right Digital Camera

Buying a camera can be a daunting task unless you have the right criteria in mind when you start. Your status--beginner, amateur, novice or expert--should be taken in account when picking up a camera.

1. Decide on Features

Sort out the features you are looking for in a digital camera. The features will also depend on when and how you will be using the camera. If you are a new photographer, you might just consider a high pixel camera. On the other hand, if you are a professional photogrpaher, you will likely to check out the type of lenses as well.

2. Consider Ability of Auto Focus

For people who want photography to be easy for them, the auto focus option is important. This means the camera takes all the decisions out of your hands and all you are required to do is point the camera at your subject and click. While some cameras are totally auto focus, others have the ability for you to take over certain functions and do things like focus on very close objects or to zoom to far objects to bring them closer to you.

3. Consider Total Control

For those who want total control of all camera functions, buying a Digital SLR is the answer. You first purchase the body of the camera and then buy additional lenses according to your specific photographic needs. This is also the most expensive type of camera available for purchase. However, buying a DSLR does give you the ability to add to the camera as your needs change. Buying a camera takes time, thought and a lot of research. Determine your specific needs and desires before buying a camera.