3 Reasons to Buy a Digital Camera Instead of Film

There are many reasons why you should buy a digital camera instead of a film camera. For one, you will have instant access to your photos with a digital camera. You also won't have to spend money on film, and you'll get more memory with a digital camera than you will with a film camera.

1. Instant Access to Photos

With a film camera, you have to wait for you film to be processed before you can view your photos. If you had a digital camera, you could browse through the photos on the camera itself or on your computer and print them within minutes.

2. Saving Money

If you purchased a film camera, you would have to keep purchasing film for it. The cost of purchasing film would add up over time. With a digital camera, you simply pay for the camera itself and a memory card and you'll be good to go forever.

3. Memory

Most films cameras are only capable of holding anywhere between 12 and 36 photos. When you take that many photos, you have to get them processed and buy more film. With a digital camera, you simply pop in a memory card, which are very affordable, and you'll be able to take hundreds of photos.