3 Popular 35mm Cameras for Sale Online

35mm cameras for sale online are still extremely popular. In spite of the availability of digital photography, many photographers still prefer using film cameras. Several makes of 35mm cameras will continue to be available for a long time due to their longstanding popularity, even in this Digital age.

1. Nikon F6 SRL

This camera is powered by an auto focus and motor. It runs with a controlled focal plane shutter. The cost is $2600. There is a full range of lenses available for use with this camera. Nikon makes great cameras and will remain a firm favorite of many photographers. Where quality is wanted, you can seldom go wrong with a Nikon. They continue manufacturing 35 mm cameras as well as superior digital photography equipment.

2. Minolta MAXXUM 9

Fitted with 3 sensors, this is one of many cameras available from Minolta. It is an SRL with a bayonet type of attachment for the lenses. It has a controlled focus for moving objects and has data storage that holds up to seven rolls of 36 exposure film. Minolta is another manufacturer still producing 35 mm cameras.

3. Pentax *ist 35mm SLR Film Camera Body

This model is the world’s smallest SLR 35 mm camera. It has a high speed drive and you can customize the functions to suit your needs. Many photographers insist on using the old format as they feel it gives the photograph more life and light than digital technology. They feel that they have finer adjustment ability on a 35 mm camera than what is available on digital cameras.