3 Cool Features of the Cintiq

The Cintiq, which is made by Wacom, is an interactive pen display. The Cintiq comes with a LCD display that allows for interactive computer usage by enabling you to draw and write directly on the display. You can use the Cintiq for anything from editing digital images to painting to applying precise effects to images. The Cintiq can be used with both Windows and Mac operating systems. Here are three cool features of the program:

1. Large Display Screen

There are two different models of the Cintiq available. One model comes with a 12.1" LCD display and the other model comes with a 21.3" LCD display. The Cintiq provides you with all of the benefits of a digital workflow while allowing you to take advantage of your hand-eye coordination to complete the tasks of editing and creating digital media.

2. Grip Pen

The Cintiq comes with a special Grip Pen that you will need to use in order to use the device. You can actually program the Grip Pen to recognize your most common actions. The Grip Pen also comes with three different nibs that you can use to get the precise feel that you are looking for, such as the proper balance.

3. Touch Strips

The Cintiq comes with three different touch strips on the display screen itself. The touch strips enable you to control up to four functions for every application that you are using. For example, if you are working with CorelDraw, which the Cintiq is compatible with, you can use the touch strips to zoom, scroll, change the brush size and rotate the canvas.