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First Look posted 7/8/00
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Kodak Professional DCS 620x
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The Kodak Professional DCS 620x which began shipping in June 2000 is an updated version of the popular Kodak DCS 620.

It offers everything the DCS 620 has plus a new 2-megapixel ITO (indium tin oxide) 13um CCD imager, a Cyan-Magenta-Yellow (CMY) Bayer pattern color filter array (CFA) and low-noise electronics. The extremely light sensitive CCD has been calibrated for ISO 400 to 4000 operation and is enabled up to ISO 6400 !

Kodak Professional DCS 620x

Based on the field-proven Nikon Pro F5 film camera, the DCS 620x offers the same features -- Programmed automatic, shutter and aperture priority modes as well as full Manual, 3D Color Matrix metering and selectable autofocus to name just a few. The all-metal Nikon chassis is built to take the day to day abuse required by working pro photgraphers and is highly resistant to dust and moisture.

The DCS 620x can capture 1728 x 1152-pixel images at 3.5 frames per second up to a maximum of 12 before it needs to write out the data. The 36-bit color data is stored in proprietary TIFF format or can be in-camera processed into 12-bit TIFF or compressed JPEG.

Thanks to a removable anti-aliasing filter, noise reduction circuitry, auto color balance, and exposure compensation in the software, the DCS 620x offers improved image quality with higher color saturation levels.

Kodak Professional DCS 620x
Kodak DCS 620x and the Nikon D1

Other DCS 620x features:

  • Serial port for GPS receivers and direct cellular telephone connectivity.
  • Burst rate of 3.5 frames per second, and a sustained burst depth of 12 images.
  • Patented on-board histogram lets photographers verify exposure accuracy on the spot.
  • Calibrated color response and the TTL auto color balance option ensure that the camera adjusts image color to match the light source.
  • 36-bit color (12 bits per channel) for capturing color and detail in shadows and highlights.
  • Intervalometer to enable automated capture over timed intervals for remote applications.
  • Color liquid crystal display (LCD) provides instant review of images.
  • IEEE 1394 interface provides fast and reliable transfer of images.
  • Voice annotation provides audio notebook to document specific shots.
  • Dual PC card storage interface offers storage flexibility.
  • New NiMH batteries for extended battery life.
  • Improved version 5.9.1 Adobe PhotoShop Plug in / TWAIN acquire software tools.

Complete DCS 620x specifications are here.

Kodak Professional DCS 620x

The heart of the DCS 620x's digital half. The 1.8" color LCD is used for reviewing captured pictures and setting menu options. It can also display a histogram to insure that you have captured the proper dynamic range.

Kodak Professional DCS 620x

Below the color LCD is a monochrome data LCD that indicates the ISO, battery level, white balance settings and picture numbers.

The buttons on the left are for voice recording and white balance, below the LCD you have the ISO, flash mode, exposure bracketing, function lock and custom settings buttons.

Kodak Professional DCS 620x Kodak Professional DCS 620x

Kodak Professional DCS 620x

From the top it looks just like a Nikon F5 film camera, it has all the same dials, knobs. buttons and Nikon-dedicated flash hot shoe.  If you're already shooting with the Nikon F5 -- you'll feel right at home with the DCS 620x !

Kodak Professional DCS 620x

To round out the views of the camera here's the bottom, nothing here but a tripod socket. Note the size and shape of the base, this is the vertical grip and shutter release when the camera is used in portrait orientation.

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DCS 620x Specifications

CCD size:1.99 megapixels
Image size:1728 x 1152 pixels (3:2 aspect ratio)
Bit depth:36-bit color (12 bits per color) original capture
Image type:Kodak proprietary TIFF (approx 2MB each)
Image processing:Optional JPEG conversion with 3 compression levels
ISO Range:400, 500, 640, 800, 1000, 1250, 1600, 2000,2500, 3200 and 4000 (calibrated), 5000 and 6400 are enabled
Shutter speeds:30 secs up to 1/8000 secs plus Bulb
Recording modes:Programmed, Aperture priority, Shutter priority or Manual
Burst recording:3 modes, CS (Continuous Silent) 1fps, CL (Continuous Low) 2fps, CH (Continuous High) 3.5fps.
Burst depth:12 frames buffered before PC Card write
Color LCD:1.8 inches TFT active matrix
Viewfinder:Eyelevel optical with 100% frame coverage
Metering:3D Colour Matrix, Center-Weighted and Spot
EV compensation:-5 to +5EV in 1/3EV steps
White balance:Auto, Preset from image, Fluorescent, Daylight, Incandescent, Flash
Focusing system:Dynamic (5 area) autofocus, single or continuous AF
Flash mount:Hot shoe with Nikon-specific contacts, PC sync connector
Flash modes:Normal, Slow Sync, Rear Curtain Sync, Auto Slow Sync
Flash unit:Nikon SB28D recommended
Special features:Intervalometer (time lapse) mode
Image Storage:2 PCMCIA card slots accept 2 Type II or 1 Type III cards
Data I/O:IEEE 1394 FireWire
Power source:Kodak 7.2v NiMH battery packs
Battery life:Up to 1100 shots
Size:7.6in.(194 mm)tall, 6.2 in. (158 mm) wide, 3.4 in. (88 mm) deep
Weight:3.49 lbs. (1.58 kg) without lens or battery

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

PC Systems

  • 133 MHz PENTIUM Processor or greater
  • 64 MB RAM minimum, 128 MB RAM recommended
  • IEEE 1394 PCI connector and/or adapter cards and/or PC Card peripheral device


  • MACINTOSH OS 8, 5.1 or greater
  • 64 MB RAM minimum, 128 MB RAM recommended
  • 100 MB hard drive minimum, 200 MB or more recommended
  • IEEE 1394 interface and/or adapter cards and/or PC Card peripheral device


  • KODAK PROFESSIONAL DCS TWAIN Module v5.9.1 or greater, for ADOBE PHOTOSHOP v5.0 or greater
  • Other TWAIN compatible applications

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