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Toshiba PDR-M11

Review posted 10/18/01

The entry-level PDR-M11 offers a 1.3-megapixel CCD that delivers photo-realistic images with vivid color and detail at resolutions as high as 1280 x 960. It offers USB downloading, SmartMedia storage, an all-glass 38mm, 35mm equivalent lens with 3X optical zoom and macro capabilities, plus fast circuitry for quick start-ups and less processing time between shots.

Toshiba PDR-M11

On the back is a 1.8-inch active-matrix color LCD which can be used as a realtime viewfinder or to playback your stored images. It's also used to access the menu system. When using the eyelevel viewfinder the LCD can be switched off to conserve battery power.

Toshiba PDR-M11

The PDR-M11 sports a large and bright optical finder but no diopter adjustment.

Toshiba PDR-M11

The bottom of the PDR-M11 is flat and is well suited to being mounted on a tripod. The only thing on the bottom besides the tripod socket is the battery access door.

Toshiba PDR-M11

On the top is a monochrome data LCD, the Mode Dial, the Shutter Release and control function buttons.

Toshiba PDR-M11

The Mode Dial is also the power switch, it turns the camera on by selecting an operating mode: Record, Playback, Connect to PC or Setup mode.

Toshiba PDR-M11

Closeup look at the top data LCD display and control buttons. From top to bottom the buttons are: Image Quality/Size, Flash mode and Self-Timer.

Toshiba PDR-M11

Controls on the rear:

A 4-way jog switch which is used to navigate the menu system, select images or activate various functions. You push it straight in to accept the selected menu choice.

The buttons are for displaying the MENU system and Deleting files.

Toshiba PDR-M11

The lens is equivalent to a 39mm lens on a 35mm camera, it is fixed-focus with a range of 8 inches to infinity.

Toshiba PDR-M11 The I/O ports:

The USB port is rated at 12mbps and is capable of transfering a high-res picture in about 1 seconds.

A 5VDC input jack can be found on the lower left side of the camera.

The PDR-M11 does not have a Video Out port

Toshiba PDR-M11

Access to the SmartMedia memory card slot is through the battery door on the bottom. The card slot does not use any type of ejector mechanism, you simply pull it out with your fingers. The PDR-M11 accomodates any capacity 3.3v SmartMedia card and comes with a 8MB card.

Powered by four AA size batteries, NiMH rechargeable type is highly recommended.

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Sample Pictures

CCD 1/1.27 inch 1.3 million pixels
Lens Glass (F3.0/F8.0),f=6.73mm (eqv. to 39.18mm on 35mm camera) Six elements in six groups
Viewfinder Virtual image
Focal Range 8 inch to infinity
Digital Zoom 2x through LCD
LCD 1.8 inch D-TFD Color LCD (312x230)
Playback Modes Single, thumbnails, slide show, 2X digital zoom
File Format JPEG (Exif 2.1), TIFF
Resolutions 1280 x 960, 640 x 480 (user selectable)
Image Quality Fine, normal, basic
SmartMedia Supports 2MB to 64MB, ships with 8MB
Exposure Control Programmable AE w/ exposure (+/-2.0 at 0.5 EV)
Focusing Auto
White Balance Auto, Manual (outdoors, fluorescent-cool white & incandescent)
Self Timer 10 second or 2 second user selectable
Record Modes Single, Continuous (up to 4 shots), Color/Black & White, Sharpness
Sensitivity Auto
Shutter 1/500 to 1 second
Flash Adjusting range 3 ft to 10 ft (Auto, & Off)
Mode Dial Capture, Playback, Setup, PC Connect
Dimensions 4.5(W) x 2.7(H) x 2.0(D) inches
Weight 7.7 ounces
Power Source 4 AA size batteries (Alkaline, NiMH or LiH)
Terminals USB interface, AC Adapter
Platform Windows 98/2000/ME, Macintosh OS9+
Software Sierra Imaging's Image Expert

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