Playback Screens & Menus

(Note: Please excuse the quality of these screen captures, Sony does not provide an Audio/Video cable with the A33, so we had to photograph the LCD.)

Pressing the Playback button on the A33 will show the last image or video captured full screen. There are three display options available by pressing the DISPlay button; from minimum information, to detailed exposure info with RGB and light histograms, to nothing at all.

Pressing the index/exposure button on the top of the A33 will bring you to the Index mode, which allows you to view files stored on the memory card quickly. The Playback menu gives you an option to choose either 6 or 12 thumbnails at a time. To search through files, you simply use the left/right/up/down buttons of the 4-way controller. Any movies that are recorded will be in the movie index shown below.


If you look along the left hand side of the image above you will see the two different index icons. The top is the image index (shown above) and the bottom (highlighted now) is the index for captured movies.

Pressing the AEL/magnify button will enter the Magnify mode, which enlarges an image up to 11.8x for critical inspection. You can then scroll around the enlarged image using the 4-way controller buttons, and change the degree of magnification by pressing the button over and over. The indicator is displayed in the bottom left corner, displaying the portion of the image that is being enlarged, framed in orange.

The above capture shows a recorded video being played back. The information on the screen shows the selections available during playback.


Playback Menu:

  • Delete - Deletes images
  • Still/Movie Select - Switches between Still image and Movie playback screen
  • Slide Show - starts a slide show
  • Image Index - displays image index
  • Protect - protects selected images from deletion
  • Specify Printing - specifies images for DPOF in advance
  • Select Folder - selects folder for image playback
  • Playback Display - Auto or Manual rotate

Memory Card Tool Menu:

  • Format Number - format memory card
  • File Number - Series or Reset
  • Folder name - Standard or Date form
  • Select Rec. Folder - Changes folders for storing images
  • New Folder - Make new folder
  • Recover Image DB - Recovers image data
  • Display Card Space - Display or Not

Clock Set-up Menu:

  • Date/Time Setup - Set Time, Date, and Daylight Savings
  • Area Setting - Set location of use

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