Playback Screens & Menus

Note: the NEX-5 only outputs video using the HDMI port, and no cable is included. Therefore we had to photograph the LCD for the screens below.

When you press the playback button on the top of the camera, the last image or video captured is displayed full screen. There's a good amount of information displayed, such as the file number, image size/quality, the battery charge level indicator, shutter speed, aperture, ISO, time & date, and the image number (60 of 78 total above). The amount of information seen on the LCD is controlled by the Display Contents setting in the playback menu (shown further down the page).

Here you can see the extended shooting information display, which includes RGB and light histograms. Here you can see a great deal of information about an image, including the mode used to capture the photo, shutter speed, aperture, ISO, Exposure comp., Metering mode, focal length, Creative style mode, white balance, DRO mode, etc.

You can also clear all information from the screen for more enjoyable viewing.

To enter the Index playback function, you have to enter the playback menu and choose the Image Index option. Here the camera will display 6 small thumbnail s of stored files, and you can filter them in two modes: Still image or Video.

Here we can see the Magnify option. When viewing a still image in playback mode, pressing the center soft key will start the magnify process. You can zoom in up to 100% in several steps by rotating the control wheel.

Play menu options:
  • Delete - Remove files from the memory card
  • Slide Show - Start an automated slide show
  • Still/Movie Select - Choose an image or video for playback
  • Image Index - Enter the Index playback function
  • Select Folder - Choose the folder for playback
  • Select Date - Sort files by date
  • Rotate - Rotate the orientation of an image
  • Protect - Protect files from deletion
  • Enlarge Image - Magnify an image for critical inspection
  • Volume Settings - Adjust the volume settings of playback
  • Specify Printing - Choose images for direct printing, print settings, etc.
  • Display Contents - Control the amount of information on the LCD

To play a video file in camera you simply press the center soft key.

While the video clip is playing, you will get VCR-like controls that are operated by using the center soft key and the control wheel.

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