Features & Controls

The Sony HDR-AS300 sports a backside-illuminated EXMOR R, 8.2-Megapixel imaging sensor that allows for the recording of high quality Full HD video, even in low-light. Working along with the image sensor you will find a BIONZ X processor and Zeiss f/2.8 lens with Optical SteadyShot built-in. With all of these features working together; it is no wonder how the camera produces such highly detailed, smooth videos. The Zeiss lens features three zoom positions that can be accessed via the camera menu: Wide - 17mm, Medium - 23mm, Narrow - 32mm.

On the side of the AS300 is an easy to use black and white LCD screen. From here, changing and adjusting the camera settings is fairly fast and very easy. The two arrow and menu buttons actually allow for fast and easy menu navigation and setting selection once you learn where the settings are located, allowing you make fast changes while shooting.

On top of the camera you will only find the record and power buttons. This helps to keep the operation of the camera simple, especially when you are in active situations. The record button also acts as the enter button when changing your camera settings.

On the back of the camera you will find the input/output ports. From top to bottom you will find the HDMI output, high-speed USB multi-port and an audio input at the bottom for increased audio quality if the shooting situation allows the back of the camera to be open.

The AS300 records its images and videos to any microSD type memory card. For smooth Full HD video capture, you will want to use a card that is at least a UHS-1 speed card. The camera is shown here with a Class 4, 32GB SDHC memory card; however, this was not the card that was used to test the camera.

Powering the AS300 is the NP-BX1, a 3.6V, 1240mAh rechargeable Li-Ion battery. Able to provide up to 125 minutes of Full HD video capture with the WiFi on or 135 minutes with it off. The camera comes with a USB cord to charge the battery inside the camera, but the optional BC-TRX charger (about $35 from Amazon or $50 from Sony) will allow you to charge a battery in the charger and another inside the camera via USB at the same time.

The camera's included underwater housing gives the AS300 or the X3000 its extreme situation abilities, allowing it to be waterproof down to 60M (197ft.), dustproof and shockproof; so it can withstand anything that you can or more. All of the camera's controls are easily accessed via large buttons on both the top and side of the camera and the LCD screen is easily visible.

Another great accessory for the AS300 and X3000 is the Live View Remote, allowing you to get a first-hand view of what the camera sees in real-time. It connects via WiFi and Bluetooth 4.1, offering complete control of the camera. While a working range is not listed, we were able to control the camera from over 25 yards away.

Although it is a little big, the wrist strap for the Live View Monitor is a fantastic way to keep it on you and accessible. This allows you to see and have total control of the camera while you are active and not able to reach and control the camera. It features the same controls as the camera and will even allow you to turn it on and off.

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