Record Screens & Menus

Here is the shooting information display that is shown on the LCD. Not only does this "screen" show many important exposure and camera settings, but it's also a shortcut menu that allows you to access these settings quickly and easily.


Record Menu:

  • Image size - Large (24M), Medium (13M), Small (6.1M) in 3:2 aspect; 21M, 11M, 5.2M in 16:9 aspect; 11M, 5.6M, 2.6M in APS-C size capt.
  • Aspect ratio - 3:2 (default) or 16:9 (HDTV)
  • Quality - RAW (uncompressed), cRAW, RAW & JPEG, cRAW & JPEG, Extra Fine, Fine, Standard
  • D-Range Optimizer - Off, Strong, Advanced Auto, Advanced Level (1-5)
  • Custom button - Assign value to the Custom button on the back of the body; Creative Style is set by default.
  • Creative Style - Standard, Vivid, Neutral, Clear, Deep, Light, Portrait, Landscape, Sunset, Night view, Autumn leaves, B/W, and Sepia
  • Color Space - sRGB or AdobeRGB
  • Flash Mode - Auto, Fill, Rear sync., Wireless
  • Flash control - ADI flash or Pre-flash TTL
  • Flash compensation - ±3EV (1/3 or 1/2 EV increments)
  • AF-A setup - Setup the direct manual focus option
  • AF Area - Choose Wide, Spot, or Local
  • Priority setup - Choose shutter release priority; AF or Release
  • AF illuminator - Auto or Off
  • AF w/shutter - On or Off
  • Long exposure NR - On (default) or Off
  • High ISO NR - High, Normal, Low or Off
  • Memory - Choose or reset the memory of your custom modes on the mode dial
  • Rec mode reset - Restore the current Rec. mode's factory settings (P/A/S/M)


Custom Menu:

  • AF/MF button - Choose the function of the AF/MF button; AF/MF control or AF Lock
  • AF/MF control - Hold or Toggle
  • AF drive speed - Fast or Slow
  • AF area disp. - Set the time delay that the chosen AF point is illuminated; Off, 0.6 or 0.3 seconds
  • FocusHoldButton - When using lens equpied with this button, set the function here; Focus Hold, Optical Preview, Intelligent Preview
  • Auto review - Off, 10, 5 or 2 seconds
  • Preview Function - Intelligent or Optical Preview
  • AEL Button - AEL hold, AEL toggle, Spot metering + AEL Hold or Spot Metering + AEL Toggle
  • Ctrl dial setup - Choose the functions of the front and reaer control dials
  • Dial exp. comp. - Off, Front dial or Rear dial
  • Ctrl dial lock - On or Off
  • Button ops. - Exclusive disply or Quick Navi
  • Release w/o card - Enable or Disable
  • - Auto Rotate or Horizontal
  • Exp.comp.set - Ambient&flash or Ambient only
  • Bracket order - Set the order in bracket shooting; 0-+ or -0+
  • Custom reset - Reset all Custom menu options to factory defaults


Setup Menu

  • LCD brightness - Adjust the LCD backlight intensity
  • Info.disp.time - 1 minute or 10, 10, 5 seconds
  • Power save - Enter power save mode after 1, 3, 5, 10 or 30 mins.
  • Video output - NTSC or PAL
  • HDMI output - HD (1080i), HD (720p), SD (Standard)
  • Language - Choose the menu language
  • Date/Time setup - Set the internal calendar/clock
  • Memory card - Select the memory card being used; Memory Stick or Compact Flash
  • File number - Series or Reset
  • Folder name - Standard form or Date form
  • Select folder - Select active image folder
  • USB connection - Mass Storage, PTP, or Remote PC
  • Menu start - Start at the Top or Previous menu option viewed/used
  • Delete confirm - Choose whether Delete or Cancel is the highlighted option when you choose to delete a file or folder
  • Audio signals - Camera sounds, on or off
  • Cleaning mode - Clean the image sensor
  • AF Micro Adj. - On, Off, or Clear
  • Focusing Screen - Type G (Default installed from factroy), Type M or Type L
  • APS-C size capt. - On or Off
  • Reset default - Return all settings to default

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