Playback Screens & Menus

Once you've pressed the Playback button, the last image/video captured or viewed will be displayed full screen. The images can be displayed alone, with the standard information or a more detailed list of information about the image can be displayed by pressing up (DISP) on the 4-way controller. The 4-way also allows you to scroll through your files by pressing left or right.

Pressing the zoom lever to wide angle will bring up the index mode. Here you can see all of the photos and videos that are present of the memory card in thumbnails, either 16 or 25 at a time. Pressing the lever a third time will bring up the calendar view, where you can choose to view files by the date in which they were taken.

Pressing the zoom lever towards the Telephoto end allows you to zoom in on a single image up to 8x in 2x steps. Once enlarged, you can use the 4-way controller to scroll around the image.


Playback Menu:

  • Easy- Enter easy mode with simplified menus
  • Slideshow- Auto play of all still images
  • View Mode - Date View, Folder View Still, Folder View Movie
  • Retouch-Trimming, Red-Eye Correction, Unsharpen Mask
  • Delete - Remove images from media card
  • Protect -This image, multiple images
  • DPOF - This image, multiple images
  • Rotate - rotate image
  • In-camera Guide - Enter the camera guide
  • Menu - Menu screens to set sounds, time, etc.

You can play back your movies either on the camera's LCD screen or on a standard TV with the included multi-cable. There is also an optional adapter that allows you to hook your camera up to a HDTV to watch your HD movies.

Shooting Settings (displays when in Record mode only):
  • AF Illuminator - Auto, Off
  • Grid Line - On or Off
  • Disp. Resolution - High, Standard
  • Digital Zoom - Smart, Precision, Off
  • Auto Orientation - On, Off
  • Red Eye Reduction - Auto, On, Off
  • Blink Alert - Auto, Off

Main Settings:
  • Beep - Shutter, High, Low, Off
  • Language Settings - Choose the language for your camera's menus
  • Function Guide - On or Off
  • Display Color - Change the menu background color: White, Pink or Black
  • Demo Mode - Demo Mode 1, Demo Mode 2, Off
  • Initialize - Restores the camera to its default settings
  • Component - HD (1080i), SD
  • Video Out - NTSC, PAL
  • USB Connect - Auto, Pictridge, PTP/MTP, Mass Storage
  • LUN Settings - Multi, Single
  • Download Music - Downloads music from your computer
  • Empty Music - Deletes all music from the camera
  • Power Save - Stamina, Standard, Off
  • TransferJet - On or Off

Memory Card Tool:
  • Format - Deletes all information from the memory card or internal memory
  • Create REC Folder - Make a new folder to store your images in
  • Change REC Folder - Select a different folder for your images
  • Delete REC Folder - Delete a folder from the memory
  • Copy - Copy images back and forth from the internal memory and memory card
  • File Number - Series, Reset

Clock Settings
  • Area Setting - Choose your location: Home or Destination
  • Date & Time Settings - Set the Date, Time and Location settings for the camera

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