Features & Controls

The W570 sports a versatile Carl Zeiss 5x optical zoom lens that covers a 35mm equivalent zoom range 25 - 125mm when shooting in the default 4:3 aspect mode. When shooting with the image size set to a 16:9 format, the equivalent zoom range changes slightly to 28 - 140mm. This lens is comprised of 6 elements in 5 groups; with 3 aspheric elements, and offers a maximum aperture range of F/2.6 - 6.3 (can not be changed manually.

Like most of their current Cyber-Shot offerings, the W570 also boasts their Optical SteadyShot image stabilization system, which helps reduce the occurrence of camera shake and image blur in your hand held photos. This function is also available in movie mode. When the camera is powered down, the lens retracts fully inside the body, and is protected by a built-in lens cover. There are no filter threads on this lens.

Autofocus is handled by a 9-point contrast detection system, which has modes for: Multi, Single, and Spot. The camera also boasts robust Face detection options, along with Smile Detection and Smile Shutter.

Focus range:
  • Approx. 5cm (0.16') to Infinity, Wide angle
  • 100cm (3.28') to Infinity, Telephoto

Here you can see the W570's tiny built-in flash unit, with modes for Auto, Flash On, Flash Off, and Slow Synchro.

Approx. Flash Range (ISO Auto):
  • 0.2 - 3.7m (0.66' - 12.1') (W) / 1.0 - 1.5m (3.28' - 4.92') (T)
  • ISO3200: Up to 7.3m (24.0') (W) / 3.1m (10.2') (T)

Controls on the top include the On/Off power button and the shutter release. You can also see the built in Mono microphone to the left.

Framing, viewing and editing your images is accomplished with the camera's 2.7-inch Clear Photo LCD screen, which offers 230,000 dots of resolution. With both Normal and Bright modes, the LCD is easy to see in various lighting conditions.


Back Controls: At the very top you can see the zoom control rocker switch. In playback mode, this switch activates the Index and Magnify options. Next we have the Mode switch, which allows you to quickly change between Camera/Still, Sweep Panorama, and Movie modes. To the left of the Mode switch we see the Play button, which is used to enter the playback mode. This button will also power on the camera when pressed and held for a short period of time. The 4-way controller encircles the "set" button, and is used to navigate the menus and stored files. . The 4-way also gives quick access to features such as the flash mode, the self-timer, Smile shutter mode as well as changing what is displayed on the 2.7-inch LCD screen. Lastly, along the bottom you can see the Menu and Guide/Delete buttons.

Like many of Sony's cameras, the W570 offers a single "muilt connection" I/O port that is located on the bottom of the camera; right new to the "plastic' tripod socket. With the included Multi Connector cable from Sony, you can connect the camera via USB to your PC or Printer, or to your TV using the standard definition video connectors. You can purchase an optional HDMI output cable for HD output.

A very handy feature, and one we truly value with many of Sony's cameras is the dual card slot. This single slot allows you to use either Memory Stick Duo type cards, or SD/SDHC/SDXC type cards with the W570. This means you don't necessarily have to go buy new member cards if you are coming from a non-Sony camera to the W570.

Power is supplied from a 3.6V, 630mAh, Sony NP-BN1 Li-ion rechargeable battery pack. Like the camera, this is a tiny battery which Sony claims will net you about 22 photos on a single charge. That's on the lower side of the average for a camera this size, so we recommend you snag a spare pack if the budget allows. Since the pack is charged out of camera in the handy BC-CSNB charger, you can change one pack while using another. The charger also features fold-away prongs to no cords are needed; which makes it very easy to keep along with you.

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