Features & Controls

Sony included a 26mm, 4x Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens on the W330, which has the 35mm equivalent of 28mm-112mm. The lens retracts into the body of the camera when it is powered off and a protective shield covers the glass.

The W330's built in flash is located at the top/center of the camera. Sony says the flash has a range of Approx.0.98'-Approx.11.48')(W), Approx.1.96'-Approx.5.91')(T).

The top of the W330 has only two buttons. One is the power button, the other is the shutter release. All other controls are located on the back.

Sony has simplified the controls on the W330. At the top we see the zoom control which also doubles as the index/zoom controller in playback mode. The switch below that and to the right changes the camera from shooting still images to shooting video. Next is the playback button. This is used to look at images being stored on the camera. If the camera is powered off, this button will turn the camera on directly to the playback mode. The 4-way controller encircles the "set" button. The 4-way controller gives quick acces to features such as the flash, the self-timer, the smile detection as well as changing what is displayed on the 3-inch LCD screen. Below that are the menu and delete buttons. The menu button will take you to a "function" style menu, and the delete button will permanently when in playback mode.


This USB 2.0 port not only allows you to connect the camera to a computer or printer, but it also allows you to play your images and movies on a TV thanks to included A/V cable.

An awesome feature Sony put on the W330 is the ability for the user to have a choice between using Sony's Memory Stick Duo, or using SD/SDHC cards.

Approx. Storage Capacities:


Sony uses a Lithium-Ion battery to power the W330. With the Type "N" battery, they claim you should be able to take around 230 still pictures, and our testing would support that claim. The camera comes complete with an external charger that plugs directly into an outlet with no cords to tangle. After charging the "prongs" on the charger fold flat into the unit which makes it easy to throw in your pocket or purse.

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