Playback Screens & Menus

Note: The Cyber-Shot DSC-TX7 does not output all of the available screen information or menu options when using the video out feature in Playback mode (with the included camera dock). Therefore, our playback mode screen captures are limited. We feel Sony chose to handle video output this way to allow for better picture sharing with your friends and family when viewing images and video on a standard television or HDTV.

Here you can see the playback screen with no extra information. On the LCD itself you will see all the info/buttons, but as mentioned above, they are not shown when using the A/V cables in Play mode.

Here you can see an example of the onscreen information in playback mode. We were able to glitch the camera into displaying this for a split second and captured the above (after several tries).

Above is the Index display, which is activated by either pressing the Wide zoom control or touching the index icon on the LCD screen. Here, the TX7 will display 28 small thumbnails of files stored on your Memory Stick (or the internal memory), allowing you to quickly search through stored images/movies.

Pressing the Wide zoom control again will bring up the Calendar display, which separates files by the dates captured.


You can also magnify images for critical inspection. This function is activated by either double-tapping the LCD or using the Telephoto zoom control. Once enlarged, you simple touch the screen and drag your finger tip to scroll around inside the frame.


The Playback menu offers a great deal of in-camera functions, such as entering Easy mode, Paint, Retouch images, Display a burst group, Toggle the viewing mode, Protect files, choose DPOF (Direct Print Order Format) settings, Print a photo (when plugged into a printer), Rotate an image, set the Volume, Edit the Display settings and amount of Exposure Data, Choose the number of photos shown when using the Index function (12 or 28), etc.


There are some playback functions that are no possible to use while the camera is in the Multi Media Dock.

Shooting Settings:
  • Movie format - AVCHD or MP4
  • AF Illuminator - Auto, Off
  • Grid Line - On, Off
  • Digital Zoom - Smart, Precision, Off
  • Auto Orientation - On, Off
  • Scene Recog. Guide - On, Off
  • Red-eye Reduction - Auto, On or Off
  • Blink Alert - Auto, Off

Main Settings:

  • Beep - High, Low, Shutter, Off
  • LCD Brightness - Normal, Bright
  • Language Setting - Choose the menu language
  • Demo Mode - On, Off
  • Initialize - Resets the cameras to the defaults
  • HDMI Resolution- Auto, SD, HD (1080i)
  • CTRL for HDMI - On or Off
  • Component - HD (1080i)
  • Housing - On, Off
  • USB Connect - Auto, PictBridge, PTP/MTP, Mass Storage
  • Download Music - Download music onto your camera for use with the Slide Show function
  • Format Music - Delete all music downloaded for Slide Shows
  • Power Save - Standard, Stamina, Off
  • Transfer Jet - Single or Select
  • Calibration - Calibrates the touch screen

"Memory Stick" Tool:

  • Format - Format the Memory Stick or Internal memory
  • Create REC. Folder
  • Change REC. Folder
  • Delete REC. Folder
  • Copy - Copy all data from Internal>MS
  • File Number - Series (default) or Reset
Clock Settings:
  • Area Setting - Choose your Home location, and Destination Location if traveling
  • Date & Time Setting

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