Playback Screens & Menus

Please excuse the quality of these screen captures. The DSC-TX66 camera kit does not include an AV output cable, therefore we had to photograph the OLED display.

When you press the onscreen play button, the last image captured or viewed is displayed full screen with the above information overlaid - depending on whether or not you've changed the Exposure Data option in the menu. The screen is quite busy with icons indicating battery condition, metering mode, flash mode at time of capture, white balance, EV comp, ISO, shutter speed, aperture , image number, date & time, etc. After about 10 seconds, all information is cleared from the screen. Touching the OLED display brings it all back.

You can swipe your finger left or right, or press the onscreen buttons to scroll through photos. The bottom buttons allow you to access Date select mode, Index mode, Delete files, enter the Camera guide, or switch back to record mode.

Here is the standard index mode, which can be activated by pressing the index mode button at the bottom of the display, or by using the Wide angle zoom control. Here you can scroll through photos 12 thumbnails at a time. Pressing the Wide angle zoom control again will bring up the screen below.

Date select can be accessed by pressing the date select button at the bottom left of the display when viewing a file full screen, or by pressing the Wide zoom control twice. Here you can sort through photos quickly by the date they were captured.

Pressing the Wide angle zoom control a third time brings up the calendar view. Which gives you a nice calendar on the left with small thumbnails showing the days you used the camera, as well as some more small thumbnails on the right. Touching a date will change the thumbnails displayed on the right.

Pressing the zoom lever to the telephoto position or double tapping the screen takes you into Magnify mode. This is used to critically inspect images for focus, detail, etc. On the left you can see a handy zoom key that shows you what portion of the overall image you are viewing.

Here you can see the Playback main menu. It gives you access to several options, including the Calendar, Retouch options, Picture effects, and even a cool paint mode (shown below).

Here you can see the cool paint option that allows you to have fun with some of your photos with a "Windows Paint" feel to it. You can choose from various tools on your left, and use either your finger or the included Stylus pen to "paint" your photos.

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