Sony DSC-T70 Review

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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T70

Playback Mode Screens & Menus

Note: Due to the fact that the T70 does not output all of the available screen information/menus when using the video out feature in Playback mode, our playback mode screen captures are limited. We feel this has been done to allow for better picture viewing on standard and HD televisions. There are many different settings available, like Retouching features including Trimming, Red Eye Correction, Paint, Resize, Wide Zoom Display, Rotate, and Movie editing functions.

Sony DSC-T70

The playback screen here shows no extra information. There are also two other screens that you can choose from that show different amounts of information and controls. In normal view you will see all of the controls as well as the photo information and an optional histogram.

Sony DSC-T70

Press the telephoto wide angle button to enter index mode, six or twenty thumbnail size images are displayed per page. This allows you to quickly search through you pictures. Just touch the image that you want to see to select it. Here you can also hit the play button on the left side to start a slideshow.

Sony DSC-T70

Main Settings:

    Beep - Shutter, On, Off
    Function Guide - On, Off
    Initialize - Resets the cameras to the defaults
    Calibration - Calibrates the touch screen
    Housing - On, Off
    USB Connect - PictBridge, Mass Storage, Auto
    Component - SD, HD (1080i)
    Video Out - NTSC, PAL
    TV Type - 16:9, 4:3

Shooting Settings:

    AF Illuminator - Auto, Off
    Grid Line - On, Off
    AF Mode - Single, Monitor
    Digital Zoom - Smart, Precision, Off
    Auto Orientation - On, Off
    Auto Review - On, Off
    Smile Level - High, Medium, Low

Clock Settings
Language Settings

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