Sony DSC-M1 Review

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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-M1

Playback Mode Screens & Menus

When you switch to Playback mode, the last image captured is displayed full screen. The Playback screen has icons for image size, folder number, picture number / total number of pictures. Across the bottom is the folder name-image file number, and date & time of capture.

Sony DSC-M1

Pressing the Monitor button toggles the display of the extended exposure information and includes: exposure compensation, ISO speed, flash mode, white balance, aperture, shutter speed and the histogram. Press it again to clear all of the overlay information for playback on a TV screen.

Sony DSC-M1

While viewing a picture fullscreen you can toggle the telephoto zoom control and zoom-in to the image in multiple steps up to 5x. Once magnified you can scroll around inside of the image using the 4-way selector.

Sony DSC-M1

Playback index mode, nine thumbnail size images are displayed per page. You can quickly search through the stored images and display one full screen. The "film frame" icon indicates a movie and the Still (white square) with the "film frame" indicates a Hybrid image (still + movie.)

Sony DSC-M1

Still image playback mode options:

    Folder - Change the current image folder

    Protect - Protect/unprotect images from accidental erasure

    DPOF - Attach DPOF printing information to image(s)

    Print - PictBridge USB direct printing (see next frame)

    Slide - Start slideshow, set interval time between images

    Resize - Resize image to 5.0M, 3.1M, 1.2M or VGA

    Rotate - Rotate portrait mode images for TV display

    Setup - Enter the SETUP menu

Sony DSC-M1

The Resize option lets you create a smaller image when needed. A 5-megapixel image can be down-sized to 3M, 1M or VGA size.

Sony DSC-M1

The Rotate option lets you rotate portrait mode images for correct playback on the LCD or TV screen.

Sony DSC-M1

Movies are played back full-screen, the stereo audio is replayed through the camera's built-in speaker.

Sony DSC-M1

When you opt to playback a hybrid image, it plays the movie, then displays the image.

Sony DSC-M1

SETUP menu:

    Hybrid Record - Allows you to set Hybrid rec. parameters (Normal or Pre Record)

    Digital Zoom - Enable or disable the Smart or Precision digital zoom

    Date/Time - Enable date or time+date stamping on the image

    Red Eye Reduction - Enable/disable the flash Red-Eye mode

    AF Illuminator - Auto or Off

    Auto Review - On, Off (auto review after capture)

    Format - Format the Memory Stick

    CreateREC.Folder - Create a new folder for storing images

    ChangeREC.Folder - Select a different folder

    Beep - Camera "beep" sounds: Shutter, On, Off

    LCD Backlight - Bright, Normal

    Language - Menu language

    File Number - SERIES (sequential numbering) or RESET

    USB Connect - PictBridge, PTP or Normal

    Video Out - NTSC or PAL signal timing

    Clock Set - Set the internal clock

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