Record Screens & Menus

To allow anyone to operate this camera, Sony has included an "Easy" mode that takes away all of the cameras settings. This allows you to just point and shoot.

Intelligent Auto (iAuto) also allows you to just point and shoot. The camera will assess the situation and choose the correct "Scene" mode for the current shooting situation. Here you also get a very minimal set of settings that you can control.

Program mode is another automatic shooting mode that gives you a full list of controls and features to choose from. Here you can also see the full list of information on the screen above.

Half pressing the shutter allows the auto-focus system to work. The green dot and rectangle indicate that the focus was successful. A the bottom you can see the final aperture that the camera has selected (F3.5).

Manual mode gives you full control over the camera's settings, the same way to would control a film or digital SLR camera. Pressing the dial on the back of the camera allows you to select the different settings.

Sweep panorama allows the user to just move the camera either vertically or horizontally while the camera will snap all the pictures that it needs and stitches them together inside the camera. No need for post-production software.

If you prefer to select a scene mode yourself, the scene mode allows you to choose instead of letting the camera choose for you. The scene modes include High Sensitivity, Portrait, Advanced Sports Shooting, Landscape, Twilight Portrait, Twilight, Gourmet, Beach, Snow and Fireworks

Along with navigating the menus, the 4-way controller also works as a set of shortcut buttons to commonly used settings and features. Pressing UP allows you to change the shooting information and LCD brightness, RIGHT changes the flash settings, DOWN is the self-timer and LEFT are the macro settings.

Between the shutter release and the mode dial you will find the Focus button, which allows you to change the way that the camera focuses: Multi AF, Center AF, Flexible Spot AF, Semi Manual and Manual.

Next to the Playback button is a button labeled "C". This is a shortcut to the Metering mode options: Multi, Center, Spot.

Record Menu Program:
  • Image Size - 9M, 5M, 3M, VGA, 3:2 (8M), 16:9 (6M), 16:9 (2M)
  • White Balance - Auto, Daylight, Cloudy, Fluorescent (1,2,3), Incandescent, Flash or One-Push custom
  • Metering Mode - Multi, Center, Spot
  • Bracket Set : ±.3, ±.7, ±1.0, brk wb, brk color
  • Face Detection - Off, Auto, Child Priority, Adult Priority
  • Flash Level - adjust flash intensity from -2 up to +2 in 1/3 increments
  • Red Eye Reduction - Auto (only when a face is detected), On, Off
  • DRO - Off, Standard, Plus
  • Noise Reduction : +, -, standard
  • Color mode - Normal, Vivid, Real, Sepia, Black & White
  • Color Filter - Off, Red, Green, Blue, Warm, Cool
  • Color Saturation : +, -, standard
  • Contrast - 0, +, -, auto
  • Sharpness - 0, +, -
  • Steady Shot - Auto, On, Off
  • Setup Menu

Sony's HX1 allows for the capture of video with stereo sound at resolutions of up to 1440x1080 HD video. You can also record at 720p and standard VGA as well. Another great feature of the video mode is that the full 20x optical zoom is available while you are recording. These features are normally not found on consumer-level digicams.

Movie Menu:
  • Shooting Mode - Auto, High Sensitivity
  • Image Size - 1440x1080 Fine, 1440x1080 Standard, 1280x720, 640x480
  • White Balance - Auto, Daylight, Cloudy, Fluorescent 1-3, Incandescent, One Push, Set
  • Metering Mode - Multli, Center
  • Color Mode - Normal, Sepia, Black and White
  • SteadyShot - Continuous, Off
  • Setup Menu

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