Playback Screens & Menus

Pressing the Playback button brings up the last image that the camera has captured. Pressing the display button allows you to change the amount of information that is displayed on either the LCD or the EVF. The full amount of information includes all of the exposure information as well as a histogram.

Pressing the Wide zoom enters the camera into the index menu. Here you can choose between 16 and 25 thumbnails of the images currently stored on the memory card for faster and easier navigation.

The Telephoto zoom allows the user to zoom in on the current image up to 8x. There are multiple levels in between 1x and 8x magnification. The 4-way controller can be used to navigate around the image while you are zoomed in.

Image playback mode options:
  • Slide show - Run a slide show of the pictures in this folder with music and effects
  • View Mode - Date view, Event view, Favorites, Folder view
  • Retouch - Trimming, Red Eye Correction, Unsharp Masking, Soft Focus, Partial Color, Fisheye Lens, Cross Filter, Radial Blur, Retro, Happy Faces
  • Mutli-Purpose Resize - HDTV, Web
  • Delete - This image, Multiple Images, All in this folder
  • Protect - This image, Multiple images
  • DPOF - Turn on/off print mark on images
  • Print - Print images
  • Rotate - Rotate portrait mode images for TV display
  • Select Folder - Select the folder that your images will be stored in
  • Setup Menu

Rotate allows you to change the orientation of your images by 90° at a time.

Your recorded movies can be played back either on the camera's LCD screen, or on a standard TV or HDTV via the camera's multi-connector. The bar at the bottom gives VCR/DVR-like controls that allow you to go frame-by-frame through your movie.


Setup Menu:
  • SHOOTING Settings 1:
    • AF Illuminator - Auto, Off
    • Grid Lines - Divides screen into 9 sections to help composite your images
    • Digital Zoom - Choose from Precision (24x) or Smart zoom
    • Conversion Lens - Tele, Wide, Off
    • Flash Sync - Front or Rear
  • SHOOTING Settings 2:
    • Auto Orientation - On, Off
    • Auto Review - On, Off
    • Expanded Focus - On, Off
    • Custom Button - Set the "C" button to control either Metering Mode, White Balance or Smile Shutter
  • MAIN Settings 1:
    • Beep - Shutter, On, Off
    • Language Setting - Choose from 6 different languages
    • Function Guide - On, Off
    • Initialize - Initialize all settings
    • Demo Mode - On or Off
  • MAIN Settings 2:
    • HDMI Resolution - Auto, 1080i, 480/576p
    • CTRL For HDMI - On or Off
    • Component - HD (1080i), SD
    • Video Out - NTSC, PAL
    • Wide Zoom Display - On or Off
  • MAIN Settings 3:
    • USB Connect - Auto, PictBridge, PTP/MTP, Mass Storage
    • Download Music - Download from PC
    • Format Music - Deletes all Music
  • "Memory Stick" Tool 1:
    • Format - Format the memory card
    • Create REC. Folder - Make a folder to store images
    • Change REC. Folder - Select a folder to store your images
    • Delete REC. Folder - Delete a storage folder
    • Copy - Copy from internal memory to memory card
  • "Memory Stick" Tool 2:
    • File Number - Series, Reset
  • CLOCK Settings:
    • Clock Settings - Set Clock and Date

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