Sony DSC-F707 Review

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Record Modes & Menu Options

A typical record mode screen with its associated onscreen icons. To left is the battery icon (full) along with a digital readout in minutes of remaining time. In the center is the recording mode and image size (2560 x 1920). The icon next to that indicates graphically how much space is left on the Memory Stick. Other icons indicate flash is in "fill " mode, white balance has been manually set, the selftimer is enabled and so is the macro focus mode.

Sony Cyber-shot F707

This is what you see when you half-press the shutter button, the autofocus is now locked (green dot). You'll also see the selected shutter speed, aperture setting and any EV compensation. We've also enabled Spot metering which is indicated by the "+" in the center of the focusing frame marks.

Sony Cyber-shot F707

Here we are in the Shutter priority mode indicated by the "AE/S" on the top line. You adjust the shutter speed by pressing the Jog Dial and then rotating it to change the value, here it is shown at 1/15sec.

Sony Cyber-shot F707

It works pretty much the same when in Aperture priority "AE/A" mode except now you are using the Jog Dial to change the aperture values.

Sony Cyber-shot F707

When in full Manual mode you change both the shutter speed and aperture value while watching the "EV" readout which tells you if the selected combination is over or under exposed. You press the Jog Dial in and move it up or down to select the shutter speed or aperture and then change them.

Sony Cyber-shot F707

The Record mode Menu options:

  • ISO Auto or fixed at 100, 200 or 400
  • IMAGE SIZE 2560 x 1920, 2560 (3:2), 2048 x 1536, 1280 x 960 or 640 x 480
  • PICTURE QUALITY Fine or Standard
  • REC MODE Normal, Burst3, Exposure Bracketing, E-Mail, Text or TIFF (when TIFF is selected the camera records a 2560x1920 TIFF image plus a JPEG in the currently selected image size)
  • FLASH LEVEL High, Low or Normal
  • PICTURE EFFECT: Negative art, Sepia or Solarize
  • SHARPNESS +2, +1, 0, -1, -2

Sony Cyber-shot F707

When in Manual Focus mode the LCD screen image is magnified 2x while you are turning the focus ring to make critical focusing easier. The focus distance is displayed next to the focus "finger" icon.

Sony Cyber-shot F707

New on the F707 is the NightShot mode which is the same as the NightShot mode on Sony camcorders. There are two infrared LEDs mounted on the end of the lens that serve to illuminate the subject in total darkness (up to ~9 feet from the camera). The picture is captured as a green-tinted image as shown above, it is decidedly "hot" in the center due to aiming of the IR LEDs.

Sony Cyber-shot F707

The new NightFrame mode looks the same but it uses the infrared illuminators to let you frame your subject in total darkness, it then switches back to regular color mode just before capturing the photo. The popup flash is used to illuminate the subject.

Sony Cyber-shot F707

The camera is now in Movie mode and we are ready to record a 320 x 240 HQX movie. There is enough space left on the Memory Stick for a total of 1 min 41 secs of recording. You can capture full motion sequences with audio at 15 frames per second. There are three different recording modes available: 320x240 HQX is settable to specific clip lengths (5, 10, 15 seconds) or it can capture clips up to the amount of available memory remaining. HQX movies play back full screen on the LCD or TV screen.

The 320x240 (non-HQX) and 160x120 mode movies can be recorded for as long as you have available memory - or settable to 5, 10 or 15 second clips. The normal 320x240 and 160x120 movies play back in a smaller screen area, see the next page for examples.

Sony DSC-F707

Movie record mode options:

    White Balance - Automatic, Indoor, Outdoor or One-Push custom

    Image Size - 320x240HQX, 320x240, 160x120

    Picture Effect - None, Negative Art, Sepia, Solarize

Sony clip motion

Besides MPEG movies you can also record animated 160x120 GIF files using the ClipMotion mode. You can sequence up to 10 images into one small and compact file that can be easily emailed.

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