Features & Controls (Cont.)

On top of the camera you will find the Mode Dial, On/Off switch coupled around the shutter release, exposure compensation dial, and the programmable C1 (custom 1) button. At the top and bottom are two of the three dials that can be found on the camera. These two are the main dials for changing settings while shooting.


Controls on Back: Starting at the top is a button and switch for control of the AF/MF or AEL settings. The switch allows you to pick which control is active at any given time. Next is the Fn button that takes you to the quick settings menu. The 4-way controller with dial acts as a shortcut to the DISP, WB, and burst/timer settings as well as navigating the menu system. At the bottom you will find the Playback and Delete/C3 (custom 3) buttons.


On the left side of the camera are the input/output ports. On top you will find the microphone input and headphone outputs. These are almost essential to video recording with a7r. On the bottom you will find the multi-USB port and HDMI output. The HDMI output not only allows you to hook up to any HDTV, but it also allows you to attach Sony's Portable 5-inch monitor for shooting in the field.

Powering the a7r is a 7.2V, 1080mAh rechargeable Li-Ion InfoLITHIUM battery. This battery will show you the precise charge level that is left on the battery, so you will never be surprised while shooting. This battery has enough power for the camera to capture up to 340 images on a single charge; which is a bit disappointing when you consider the price and caliber of this camera. A spare battery is highly recommended. Thankfully, they include the quick charger shown above to keep your batteries charged and ready at all times.

Sony offers several adapters for using A-mount lenses on with their E-mount cameras. Their newest adapter, the A-Mount to E-Mount FF Lens Adapter w/ TMT shown above, features full-time Phase Detection AF capabilities. These adapters greatly increase the lens selection for you E-mount cameras.


While neither the a7 or a7r features a built-in flash, they both have the capabilities of controlling Sony's advanced external flash units. These flashes work together to set up advanced lighting setups giving you portable studio capabilities that can be controlled from the camera or flash units.

For increasing the audio quality of your recorded videos, Sony offers a slew of external microphones that can be used with their cameras. Some of these mics, like the one shown above, can be mounted to the camera's hot-shoe and powered by the camera.

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