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Sigma SD10 SLR

Menu Screens

Sigma SD10 SLR

MENU options in Capture mode:

    Camera Info - See the frame below

    White Balance - Automatic, Sunlight (5400 K), Shade (8000 K), Overcast (6000 K), Incandescent (3150 K), Fluorescent (4100 K), Flash (5850 K), Custom is not available if no custom white balance has been set

    Set Custom WB - Chose an image to use to manually set the white balance

    Date/Time - Set the internal clock

    Language - Menu language: English, Japanese, German, French

    Quick Preview - Image review after capture: Off, 2, 5, 10 sec, Hold (image is displayed until the shutter release is tapped or the MENU or CANCEL buttons are pressed or the LCD SLEEP or Auto Power Off time limit is reached.

    Preview Style - Image only or Image with Info screen

The Camera Info screen is nice to quickly see the camera settings for ISO sensitivity, white balance and image size. It also displays the current time and date and the status of the CompactFlash storage device.

Sigma SD10 SLR

The second page of menu settings:

    Exposure Warning - Enable or disable the over-exposure warning in image displays

    Info Strip - Set type of info display in the info strip above the image. It can be exposure information or time/date.

    OK Shortcut - The OK button can be programmed to function as the Lock / Unlock, Mark / Unmark, Rotate CW, Rotate CCW or Exposure Warning toggle.

    Format CF Card - Formats the CF storage device

    File Numbering - Sets the file numbering system for Continuous or Auto Reset

    LCD Brightness - Adjust the intensity of the LCD back light: Dim, Normal, Bright

    LCD Contrast - Adjust the contrast of the LCD monitor: High, Medium, Low

Sigma SD10 SLR

The third page of menu settings:

    LCD Sleep - Delay before the LCD monitor turns off automatically: 30s, 1m, 2m, 5m, 10m, 15m, 30m, Off

    Auto Power Off - Delay before camera shuts down automatically: 10s, 30s, 1m, 5m or Off

    Key Sound - Sets the duration of the tone generated when a button is pressed: Long, Short or Off

    Video Mode - Sets the timing standard for the video output signal: NTSC or PAL

    Firmware Version - Display firmware revision information

    Camera Reset - Resets all parameters to factory default

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