Playback Screens & Menus

Note: Please excuse the quality of these screen captures. Samsung does not supply the A/V cable with the camera as a standard accessory. Therefore, we ad to photograph the AMOLED display.

Pressing the Play/Review button brings up the last image/video captured or viewed in full screen mode with minimal data overlaid. Using the "left" and "right" icons on the screen will scroll through your stored images. To control the amount of overlay information, you simply press "Up" on the 4-way controller (DISP) to show Basic or Full info as well as to Hide all.

Here you can see the Edit menu that offers these options: Resize, Rotate, Photo Style Selector, Smart Filter, and Image adjust.

When you Press the wide angle zoom control, the TL500 will enter index mode. Here you can search through the stored files on either the internal memory or your SD/SDHC memory card. Depending on the amount of times you toggle the zoom lever, you can display 3, 9, or 20 small thumbnails. Along the bottom you can see a date guide, which shows you on what day the images were captured.

On unique feature we found on the TL500 was when using the index function, if you however over a movie file, it will actually begin to playback right there in the index. This is a really cool feature, and the TL500 is the first we've seen to offer it.

While an image is displayed full screen you can magnify it by pressing the telephoto zoom control. Once magnified you can scroll around inside of it by using the 4-way controller, then pressing the OK button to crop or Trim the image. You can enlarge an image up to 11.4x in several steps, depending on the image size mode being used. While magnified, a small box is displayed in the upper left hand corner of the display, indicating the area of the image that is enlarged.

You can also play back movie clips full screen. Pressing OK will start playback, and during the video you can pause, stop or fast-forward the video. While paused, you can also press "Down" on the 4-way controller to capture a still frame from the video (resolution will be the same as the video; 640x480 or 320x240).


Playback menu options:
  • Delete - Select file or All
  • Protect - save files from deletion
  • Face List Edit - Edit your favorite faces
  • Voice memo - Add a voice note to an image
  • DPOF - Set the direct print settings
  • Copy to Card - Copy files from internal memory to the memory card

Here we can see the SlideShow menu with options for: Start slidehow, Images, Interval, Effect, and Music.

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