Playback Screens & Menus

Note: please excuse the quality of these images, the ST600 camera kit does not include an AV cable therefore we had to photograph the LCD.

Pressing the "Play" button on the top right hand corner of the ST600 displays the last video or image captured. On the left hand side of the LCD you will see the lineup of icons used for starting a face list, deleting files, starting a slide show, photo editing, and changing the information display. At the top right is the battery life icon, followed by the Motion Recognition menu button, along with the Menu icon at the bottom right.


Pressing the monitor icon at the bottom left of the playback screen allows you to choose how much information is displayed while browsing; Full, Basic, or Hide. When using the Hide option, all icons/buttons on the screen will "hide" after a few seconds.


The Motion Recognition menu is also available in playback mode. You have the options to start a slide show, protect and image from deletion, or mark a photo as a favorite.


The ST600's Edit menu offers multiple options: Rotate, Resize, Photo Style Selector, Smart Filter, Image adjust, and Special Effect.


Using your zoom toggle to wide angle takes you to the index page. Here you are able to scroll through different index options and select the best way for you to view the photos. These options are single, 9, or 16 images at a time. You can set the ST600 to filter the images by date, type, color, week, favorites, or faces, by pressing the "Date" icon on the LCD. The circle icon will send you into a graphical playback display (not shown).


Images on the ST600 can also be magnified and saved as new photos in "zoom/crop" mode. Using the zoom toggle to the telephoto side enables this feature. As shown, the smaller gray box(top right) is the area on your photo that is being displayed. To move around your photo simply use your touchscreen and drag it to the desired area. You can enlarge up to 13.5x in several steps, depending on the image size mode being used. On the top left you can see controls to Delete or Trim a photo. Trimming will save your enlarged photo as a new image.


This is the ST600 playing back a recorded video. The controls are limited to rewind, pause, stop or fast-forward a movie. Also shown is the volume icon to control the sound of the video. To capture a still frame from a video you must pause the video, and then two more icons will appear on the left side of the LCD. One is to crop and the other will save the paused clip as a new image. The still frame will be saved at the same resolution as the video.


Playback menu options:

  • Smart Album - Single, 9 or 16
  • Delete - Select file or All
  • Protect - save files from deletion
  • Voice memo - Add a voice note to an image
  • DPOF - Set the direct print settings
  • Copy to Card - Copy files from internal memory to the memory card
  • Gesture View - Enable or disable the ability to "draw" on the LCD to sort files, rotate, delete, etc.

This is a capture of the Photo Style Selector options located in the edit menu. Here you have the ability to change the mood of any photo after it was taken. Options include: Normal, Soft, Vivid, Forest, Retro, Cool, Calm, Classic, Negative, and Custom RGB.

The ST600 also has a Smart Filter option, that changes the lens effect to alter the look of your pictures. You can select these filters before you capture your images or they can be applied to images already taken.

Smart Filter Options:

  • Normal
  • Miniature
  • Vignetting
  • Fish-eye 1
  • Fish-eye 2
  • Sketch
  • Defog

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