Playback Screens & Menus

Note: the PL210 kit does not include an AV cable, therefore we had to photograph the LCD for the screens below.

Pressing the "Play" button on the back of the camera enters it into playback mode. The amount of display information can be changed by pressing UP or the DISP button on the 4-way controller. Left and Right on the 4-way controller allow you to scroll through your images.

While in Playback mode, zooming to the wide end enters the camera into index mode. Here you can quickly scroll through your images in groups of 1, 9 or 20 images at a time.

Zooming to the Telephoto end allows you to zoom in on an image up to 13.5x. You can then use the 4-way controller to scroll through the image. By pressing "OK" while zoomed in, you can crop the image and save a new image with just what you see on the screen.

Playback Menu:
  • Edit - Resize, Rotate, Smart , and Image Adjust
  • Multi Slide Show - Start a slide show
  • File Options - Delete, Protect, add a voice memo, set DPOF options or copy images from internal memory to the SD/SDHC card
  • Sound - Adjust Volume, start sound, shutter sound, beep sound, AF sound
  • Display - Function Description, Start Image, Display Brightness, Quick View and Power Save
  • Settings - Choose format, reset, language, time zone, date&time, date type, time zone, File no., imprint, auto power off, AF lamp, video out, USB and PC Software.

Resize allows you to make a smaller copy of an image without the need for a computer. Making this selection allows you to save a 5M, 3M or 1M copy. This is an easy and fast way to make a small copy for email or uploading to the web.

You can play back your movies on the camera's LCD screen. Here you can see that pressing the "OK" button allows you to pause and play the movie. Pressing down allows you to capture a screen image from within a movie.

Settings Menu:
  • Format - Erase and Format the memory card
  • Reset - Puts the camera back to the factory defaults
  • Language - Select the language for the camera menus
  • Time Zone - Choose your time zone from the world map
  • Date & Time - Set the date and time
  • Date Type - Choose the date format
  • File no. - Reset or Series
  • Imprint - Add the date and time to an image
  • Auto Power Off - Amount of time before the camera shuts off due to non-use
  • AF Lamp - On or Off
  • Video Out - NTSC or PAL
  • USB - Compuer, Printer, Select Mode
  • PC Software - On or Off

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