Samsung NX300 Review

Review posted 06/12/2013

Quick Take
  • Auto Shooting mode provides excellent results with no more than just point-n-shoot ability
  • Dedicated Video Capture Button is always ready to record
  • Image quality is excellent
  • Performance and burst shooting is amazing
  • Smart shooting modes are useful for difficult situations
  • Huge 3.31-inch touch AMOLED is bright, easy to see and very easy to operate
  • WiFi features are easy to use and some of the best that we have seen
  • Removable flash keeps camera body small and light
  • HDMI output
  • Competitively priced
  • Image stabilization is not built into the camera, it must rely on the lens
  • Highest ISO settings are not printable
  • Very Poor battery life and no external charger for spare batteries
  • Special features deplete battery even faster
Bottom Line
The Samsung NX300 is another powerful and affordable ILC, leading the way in features and performance for its price range. It also sports the largest sensor (APS-C) of any camera in its class. All these great features are supported by great image quality as well. Read more in our Full Conclusion.

In early 2013, Samsung announced their latest addition to the popular mirrorless NX-series of cameras, the NX300. This interchangeable lens camera (ILC) features a 20.3-megapixel APS-C sized CMOS image sensor, a tilting 3.31-inch AMOLED touchscreen display, full HD video recording up to 60 frames per second, and the ability to capture 3D stills and video using an (optional) specially designed 45mm 3D lens.

The NX300 also boasts a 100-25600 ISO range along with brand new Hybrid Auto Focus system, which uses both phase and contrast detection to keep your subjects sharp and in focus even when moving the camera around during video recording. Smart Mode allows users to choose between 14 pre-select settings to get the best quality photo out of any lighting condition.

Another great feature, which we're seeing among many of Samsung's 2013 cameras, is Wi-Fi connectivity. When used in conjunction with Samsung's free SMART CAMERA App (available for both iOS and Android), it's incredibly easy to backup, transfere, and share your latest pics and movies to your favorite social networking sites. You can even remotely control the NX300 with this app.

Samsung NX300 Features
  • 20.3 MP CMOS image sensor (APS-C)
  • 3.31-inch AMOLED Touchscreen and Tilt Display
  • Full HD Video Recording (1080p/60fps)
  • 3D still and movie capture
  • ISO 100-25600
  • DRIMe IV imaging engine
  • 8.6 frames per second continuous shooting
  • Hybrid AF (Phase and Contrast Detection)
  • SMART Mode
    • Beauty Face
    • Continuous Shot
    • Landscape
    • Macro
    • Action Freeze
    • Rich Tone (HDR)
    • Panorama
    • Waterfall
    • Silhouette
    • Sunset
    • Low Light Shot
    • Fireworks
    • Light Trace
  • SMART Camera 2.0 Functionality
    • AutoShare
    • MobileLink
    • Remote Viewfinder
    • Social Sharing
    • email
    • Cloud
    • Auto Backup
    • AllShare Play
    • S/W Upgrade Notifier
  • i-Depth and i-Function
  • Dual-band WiFi Connectivity (2.4G/5G)

Available in black/silver or white/silver, the Samsung NX300 kit (with lens) can be had for about $749.99 USD. See our lowest price button at the top right of this page to see the current online pricing.

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