Samsung MV900F Review

Review posted 03/14/2013

Quick Take

  • Wi-Fi features for sharing and easy backup
  • Fold-out display helps get creative angles
  • 14 photo filters are well designed
  • Video quality is good
  • Magic Frame shots are fun
  • Touch screen works well
  • Fast 10fps full-resolution burst mode
  • 5x zoom is limited
  • Screen resolution is low
  • Touch screen is at times frustrating
  • Burst modes are limited to 6 shots
  • Wide-angle (25mm) shots distort at edges
  • Still image quality is not the sharpest
  • Gesture Shot can be unresponsive
  • Low light performance could be better
Bottom Line
The Wi-Fi functions are a winner, but low image quality and an occasionally frustrating touch screen diminish the appeal of the MV900F. The fold-out screen is cool, and the photo filters are well designed, but more serious shooters will miss manual controls and a powerful zoom lens. Read more in our Full Conclusion.
In July of 2012, Samsung announced a new Multi-View camera, the Samsung MV900F. Replacing 2011's well-designed-but-under-powered Samsung MV800, the MV900F hosts a number of new features and upgrades. The tilting, interactive "Multi-View" touchscreen display is the star of the show -- slightly wider this year at 3.3-inches. As you can see from the image above, this display tilts from the back of the camera, up 180 degrees to face the same direction as the lens for self portraits.

While the display is pretty and its iPhone-style touchscreen is easy to navigate, the hidden treasure is a 16.3-megapixel backside illuminated CMOS image sensor, which translates into clearer images, faster shooting capabilities, and enhanced HD video recording resolution. While the MV900F retains its 5x optical zoom, the lens itself is much brighter, with a wide-angle f/2.5 rating.

Also new to the MV900F is WiFi capability, which allows you to share photos and videos on the web, email them to friends, or archive them on Microsoft's Cloud-based SkyDrive service. A button on the camera turns WiFi on and off -- this will conserve battery life. To enhance the natural limitations, in terms of low light shooting and dynamic range, inherent to point-and-shoot cameras, Samsung has added HDR+ and Low-Light Shot modes. Both combine multiple exposures to enhance photos' dynamic range, or ability to capture in low light.

Since the MV900F is designed for self portraits, so let me ask you this: have you ever set up a shot for your friends, but later realized the framing wasn't as exact as you'd like? Thanks to Gesture Shot, the Samsung MV900F can be controlled by the wave of a hand. Circular motions control zooming in and out; up and down motions start the camera's self-timer.

Samsung MV900F Features:
  • 16.3 megapixel backside-illuminated CMOS sensor
  • f/2.5-6.3, 25mm wide-angle lens
  • 5x optical zoom
  • 3.3-inch WVGA AMOLED 180-degree Multi-View Display
  • App-like User Interface
  • Full 1080p HD Video recording (upgraded from 720p last year)
  • Smart Auto
  • WiFi (all new for this year)
    • Mobile Link App
    • Remote Viewfinder
    • Social Sharing to Facebook, Picasa, Photo Bucket, and YouTube
    • Email Sharing
    • Cloud Storage Backup (Microsoft SkyDrive)
    • Auto Backup to PC's on your Home's Wireless Network
  • Gesture Shot Mode (control the camera with your hands)
  • 3D Photo
  • Live Panorama
  • HDR+ Mode
  • Low-Light Shot Mode
  • Photo & Video Filters
  • Beauty Shot Mode
  • Picture in Picture
  • Magic Frame
  • My Magic Frame
  • Split Shot
  • Artistic Brush
  • Motion Photo
  • Beauty Palette
  • Wig Shot

The Samsung MV900F is available in black or white, and has a MSRP of $349.99 USD. See our Lowest Price button at the top right of this page to see the most current online pricing.

What's in the box?:
  • MV900F camera body
  • AC-USB battery charger
  • USB cord
  • Manual
  • Software CD-ROM

Additional Product Views
MV900F_black _frontside.jpg

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