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Samsung L77

Features & Controls

The L77 is equipped with a Samsung NV 7x internal optical zoom lens, which covers a focal range of f =6.3 ~ 44.1mm (38 - 266mm, 35mm equivalent) and has a maximum aperture range of f/3.5 - f/5.3. While this is an internal lens that does not protrude from the body, when the camera is powered down it does feature a built- in lens cover for protection. At the very bottom, you can also see the built-in microphone.

Focus is achieved by a TTL contrast detection AF system, however it does not feature a low-light focus assist illuminator. The Autofocus Range is:

    Normal: 80cm to infinity (wide), 100cm - infinity (Tele).
    Macro: 10cm to 80cm (Wide), 100cm to 150cm (Tele).
    Auto Mode: 10 cm to Infinity (Wide), 100cm to Infinity (Tele)

Samsung L77

The built-in flash has modes for Auto, Auto & Red-eye reduction, Fill-in flash, Slow sync, Flash off. Working range in wide angle is approx. 7.8 in. to 16.7 ft. (0.2 to 5.1m), telephoto is 1.3 ft. to 10.8 ft. (0.4 to 3.3m), using ISO Auto. Recharge time is approx. 5.5 seconds with fully charged battery.

Samsung L77

Here you can see the high-resolution (230,000 PIXEL) 2.4-inch color LCD monitor, which takes up a large portion of the back of the camera. The various controls are illustrated below.

Samsung L77

Controls on the back: At the top are the zoom controls, which also function as the image Index and Magnify buttons in play mode. Next is the "M"ode button for changing exposure modes. The "E"ffects button allows you to use creative effects on your images in record mode, and calls up the edit menu in playback mode. The playback button enters review mode. The Fn or Function button calls up this shortcut menu that allows you to adjust image/movie resolution, quality, metering, drive mode, ISO, white balance and exposure compensation. In playback mode it also acts as the image delete button.

The 4-way selector controller is for navigating menu options, press the MENU/OK button in the center to call up the menu and accept a selection. Press "Right" to activate the Self- timer, press "Down" to enable Macro mode, press "Left" to change flash modes and press "Up" controls the amount of information displayed on the LCD screen.

Samsung L77

On top you'll find the power On/Off switch and shutter release.

Samsung L77

Images, movies and sound clips are stored on either the 20MB of internal memory or a SD/MMC/MMCPlus cards up to 2GB, and SDHC cards up to 4GB. memory card (not included.)

Approx. 256MB MMC Storage Capacity

Image Size /
7M 5M 3M 1M 5M (Wide) 6M (Wide)
S. Fine 3 5 8 35 5 4
Fine 7 11 17 71 10 8
Normal 11 16 26 106 15 13

Samsung L77Samsung L77

The I/O ports are located on the right-hand side of the camera. The miniature connector is for both the USB 2.0 data cable and the Audio/Video cable for connection to a TV set. There's also a DC IN 5.0v plug for using and external power source.

Samsung L77

The L77 is powered by a tiny SLB-0637 3.7V 660mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery pack that Samsung claims is good for up to 180 shots. Also included is a small AC charger (with cord.)

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